Welcome to the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge

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For the next 30 days you’ll start on the path to a new way of eating and a new lifestyle. It’s not a diet – though you will probably lose weight.

Kat, your kickass life enabler

Clean Eating isn't...

  • Clean eating isn’t about deprivation.
  • It’s not about spending tons of money at a fancy supermarket.
  • You don’t have to spend days in the kitchen preparing meals.
  • Clean eating isn’t about complicated and time-consuming recipes
  • It isn’t completely easy, and there will be challenges.

Clean Eating is...

  • Clean eating is about loving food
  • It's about learning to fuel yourself in a way that you never imagined was possible.
  • It is about is eating whole foods; foods that are free from artificial colourings, preservatives, and artificial flavourings.
  • Clean eating is a fun challenge that will positively impact your life in ways that you cannot imagine.
  • Most importantly, it's about loving your body

Over the next 30 days you’re going to begin to shift from your current way of eating to a clean eating lifestyle.

With the tips and tricks provided you’ll make it through any challenges.

What to expect

 I'll be delivering these lessons in bite size chunks each day so you don't get overwhelmed.

(btw - "if you have any questions throughout the challenge then just hit reply")

There will be challenges. There will be many successes and benefits, too.

Many people find that after their clean eating challenge they either stick with it and make it part of their lifestyle or they repeat the challenge every couple of months to feel healthy and strong again.

You'll be getting an email from me with what you need to get started but please be prepared for the challenges that may arise....

Some things you should be prepared for

Fatigue - Depending on your current diet, you may be addicted to sugar and refined carbohydrates. As you remove these from your diet you may experience fatigue. Your body may go through a type of withdrawal. You may even have headaches. The good news is that these symptoms only last for a few days, and they can be managed with healthy foods.

Cravings - After a week or two of clean eating your cravings will go away. They’re often part of the withdrawal process. There are tricks that you can embrace to make the cravings go away. For example, did you know that healthy fats beat sugar cravings? Eat half an avocado or put coconut milk cream in your coffee. You won’t want sugar anymore and you’ll be satisfied.

Overwhelm - It’s possible that you may feel overwhelmed by the challenge. I’ve worked hard to make each and every day manageable and enjoyable. If you feel overwhelmed, simply take a step back. You can repeat days and customize this challenge to fit your individual needs and goals.

Better digestion - Your gut will respond almost immediately to the changes in your eating habits and lifestyle. Sugary and starchy foods have the tendency to slow down digestion and to cause inflammation. This combination can lead to either constipation or diarrhea, depending on the degree of inflammation in the gut. When you eliminate those irritants from your system and replace them with high nutrient, high fiber foods, your system improves.

More energy - This is one of the benefits that surprises people. They’re amazed at how energetic and healthy they feel. Once your body makes the shift and you get off the roller coaster of sugar and starchy carbs, your blood sugar levels will level out and you’ll begin feeling amazing.

Improved mental clarity - Along with those shifts in energy, you’ll also experience more mental clarity. You’ll feel like you’re better able to focus, and don’t be surprised if your memory improves.

More things to look forward to

Weight loss - It’s not uncommon to begin shedding pounds almost immediately. Think about it, if you drink a soda or a sweetened coffee drink every day, you’re consuming 10 to 20 teaspoons of sugar, which is between 200 and 400 calories. And that’s just in one drink.

Add up the other sugar that you consume in the form of packaged foods and other refined carbs, and you’re easily consuming around a pound of sugary calories every day. Eliminate those and replace them with nutrients and you’ll see the weight come off. I’ve known people to lose 5 pounds the first week they stopped drinking soda.

Improved mood - Let’s face it, it’s much easier to stay positive when you feel great. Additionally, clean eating helps to balance your hormones. It can make a tremendous difference to your mindset.

Improved health - You’ll also experience an improved immune system. Sugar and the chemicals in packaged foods cause inflammation. Inflammation is the precursor to all disease, and it weakens your immune system. It’s a simple equation. Sugar causes inflammation.

Your immune system becomes fatigued and cannot fight other viruses and bacteria that you come into contact with. Get rid of the sugar and the inflammation disappears. Your immune system can now focus on what’s important – protecting you from foreign invaders.

Better sleep - Do you struggle with insomnia and difficulty sleeping? You may find that the clean eating challenge is the solution you’ve been looking for.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Watch for emails with all your getting started tips and make sure you have the app downloaded. Chat soon,