Objective: The sixth month takes the idea of being an “goal achiever” to an even bigger level. Now, instead of focusing on a goal per week, you are going to work on one big goal per day… 5 days a week… for an entire

Sound like a lot? Well it is a lot to be honest but it also is a life transforming exercise if you can stick to it and complete it.

Work Breakdown: This month, you are going to learn a lot about your level of achievement. A big problem many people face is that they are overly optimistic about projects and deadlines. They think something is going to take them a day and it turns into a 2 week project. At the same time, other people over-plan everything and give themselves way too much time for a simple goal. By working on a single goal every day, you will get a great read on how well you perform when you hold yourself accountable and focus on pure achievement.

Complete one goal toward a weekly goal five days out of each week

A printable tracking sheet for this audacious task. Print this 4 times…one for each week.