Objective: The fifth month is about you being a pure goal achiever. The months leading up to now have dealt with planning and idea generation… which is also very important. But you can only plan and think for so long. Now is time to become a serious action taker.

Work Breakdown: This month, you are going to work on 1 big goal per week and track all of your activity along the way. There is one major caveat though! You should focus this entire month on 1 specific area of your life.

Pick something that will have the biggest impact emotionally. If you are driving for success in your career, make all 4 goals career oriented. If you are trying to be the world’s greatest dad, make all 4 goals parent/family related.

Work on one big goal per week focusing on one area of your life

A printable tracking sheet for listing and tracking your goal per week (for month five)