Welcome to your new habit of the week!! Avoiding Sugar πŸ™‚

Now, I gotta be honest. This week’s habit is one I struggle with regularly. Most of us do! Promise me this…be forgiving with yourself.

Cravings are something all of us struggle with at some point. Cravings can be triggered by many things including sights, sounds, aromas, environment, stress and more.

A perfect example of this is a typical trip to your local mall when you walk by the pretzel stand or cinnamon roll shop – sights, sounds, aromas, AND environment – oh my!

And how about stress? Stress of a deadline, stress when faced with something you dislike (taxes or balancing the cheque book). Sound familiar?

Ever been bored and craved sugar? Since our appetite and our eating habits
do not exist in a bubble, things that are part of our daily lives can trigger

The better we understand our cravings though, the more equipped we are to deal with them constructively. It’s not realistic to think you will NEVER have sugar, but the reality is that most of us are consuming WAY too much added sugar. This week is all about getting that habit under better control.

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