Your Stuck at Home Care Package

for zombie fighting fitness or just uncouch-potatoing yourself

You've got this! And I'm your secret weapon to actually using it.

You won't be alone!


A choose your own adventure interactive video for getting the most out of your CARE package

If the timer has run out on this offer, contact me. You're not alone!

Your Stuck at Home CARE Package!

Get zombie fighting fit or just  un-couch potato yourself.

HEY... we all have different goals

You've got this! And I'm your secret weapon to actually using it.

You won't be alone!

Includes a CARE package of home workouts, stress busters, mental health hacks and all the support, motivation, and guidance that you actually need to make things work -  for free! 

Whatever your goal, you've got this! And I'm going to do everything in my superhuman power to support, motivate and guide you through this crazy time.

Downloading this CARE package is easy. I believe in you

Step two is choosing to use it...not so easy. But this is a magic beans offer...

What you'll get

Over twenty at home workouts that will shake up your indoor routine and encourage you to get outside as well. This is a stand alone ebook that you can grab and strike out on your own if that's what you choose. 

Your body has been reacting naturally to the circumstances of the world and that means no-one is immune to being stressed. There are ways to recognize it and manage it though.

Hope for the future is essential to moving forward, staying healthy, and being able to support your loved ones. These are totally unique, creative and ultra fun ways to HUG!

Plus the magic beans! Join in on the free Kickass Life Project 30 Day CARE Journey for your body AND mental health. It all starts April 6 but you can join in anytime! You'll get support, motivation, guidance and accountability from me and everyone in the group. 

Hi, I'm Kate

I'm staying home as much as possible just like you. I have trouble motivating myself to do workouts at home just like you. I'm worried I'll come out of this not feeling great about myself (maybe just like you). 

Leading people in fitness and mental health is what I do, but tbh, I'm doing this as much for me as for you! I'm inviting you to join me in the journey to discovering just how strong we can be when we have to be. 

Sorry - I'm going to bust through every objection you can think of for not doing this. Just try me!


I'm bringing back the February freebie ... Foam Rollering!!! 

I believe in balance and if you're gonna work your muscles, you're gonna need to show them some love as well. 

After the download

My heart and soul is going into providing you with EVERYTHING you need to get through this Stuck At Home era with a special 30 day journey.

Fitness for your body is a given - everything from bodyweight to zumba to stretch will be included. 

Nutrition for your body is the next logical thing you'll think about and I am going to give you simple, manageable, bite sized (pun intended) ways to ditch the scale and feel good about your food choices.

Mental health is not what we automatically think of when it comes to fitness but it is probably the number one influence for your body health. I'm including AHA moment workshops to make sure you are supported from every angle.

I know how scary this time might be and above all, I am here for you. I genuinely hope we'll virtually meet on the other side of this opt in opportunity

My goal at the Kickass Life Project is not to give you workouts and wish you luck. My goal is for you to experience success no matter what your goal. Cue the CARE Journey

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