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Organic Fitness by kat

The basics

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This is a workout system designed to flow with the natural rhythms of a woman's body

A female body makes beautiful shifts throughout her cycle. Let me share how you can empower your clients so that no woman has to beat, twist, shove, or force her body into someone else's version of fitness again.

Done for you workouts

If you're excited about using Organic Fitness methods with your clients but unsure how to get started or just don't have the time to come up with all those new workouts each month, I have a solution. 

I create an Organic Fitness template and fresh workouts every month and you can have behind the scenes access to everything... plus any tips and tricks of the trade I can think of to help you be successful in your training business.

That's not all... 

You're going to want to share everything you've just learned with your clients, right? 

Join the Organic Fitness Coaches Club and I will give you editable versions of all the PDF's on this page plus my top recommendations and resources for building a successful training business.

Sample Workout Template

Sample Workout

Sample email

Organic Fitness Coaches Club includes:

Email ideas and templates to get your clients excited about trying Organic Fitness plus any resources I have that can build your business success.

Editable versions of the Organic Fitness exercise and nutrition PDF's from above so you can put your logo on it and share it with your clients.

New, done-for-you workouts and templates for each phase of a monthly cycle every single month. 

Swipe all my workouts each month

First 100 members special

After 100 coaches take advantage of this introductory offer, the price will go up and never come back.

only $10/mnth

 Limited Time Bonus

Get one month free access to the Kickass Life Project where you can experience Organic Fitness from a client's point of view (if you don't always get a chance to look after your own fitness as well as you'd like, you need to do this for yourself) You will also  have unlimited access to all the projects in the KLP Club for the duration of your first month. It's like getting two clubs for the price of one!

a few of the projects you can choose from...

DFY Workouts, sharable resources, and one month access to the klp

First 100 members special

There are no refunds but you can cancel anytime and I will not pester you with needing closure about why you did it. At this point, you either know it's worth the $10 or you know it's not for you. Either way, thanks for being a part of helping women everywhere to love their bodies. That is invaluable. 

only $10/mnth

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