Have you got your toilet paper?

That question either makes you roll your eyes in disbelief that people are panicking over nothing or makes you stand proud and say, "Hell ya, I got my toilet paper... why don't you??"

I'm not here to tell you which position is right or wrong. In fact, I think there is merit to both. I'm here right now to give you resources and let you decide which ones you'd like to take advantage of.

Believe it or not, I care about your health and well-being, both immediately and in the long term!

Are you ready to stop reading and get to the resources? (If not, I'll give you a link to a lot of sometimes funny, sometimes, sad, sometimes wtf reading...'cause I don't know... maybe you're stuck at home with nothing better to do than read lol

Resources List (I love lists)

Want instant gratification? Connect with me on social media.

I'll be sharing daily tips on the KLP FB Page.

I'll be hosting live workouts in KLP FB Group.

Quick links doc to FB posts AND fabulous free stuff from other people I recommend checking out

Bored? Here's some reading material.

I used to write a blog called 365 Ways To Be Happy. I tried one thing each day and rated it on a happiness scale. This particular post is called, "Happiness is a Virus"... seemed fitting!

Concerned? Here's some ultra quick stay healthy tips.

I've created an immunity boosting checklist with science backed steps you can take to boost your immune system and avoid unwanted germs

Ready to kickass? Here's actionable steps to take!

I've been busy putting together a free Kickass Life Project online program filled with at-home workouts, nutrition guidance, and stress reducing techniques? PLEASE take advantage and share.

Have kids? Get moving with them

Stories and rhymes that incorporate movement so that you get a workout while you're kids are having fun. Talk about making memories! PS - Don't tell them, but your kids will be learning, too!

Want more? How about the KLP monthly freebie 🙂

Every month, I put out an awesome pdf or mini course or something. This month it's the Flawsome Guide (flawed + awesome = flawsome) You'll want to check out the 'feel different' video.

Hate exercise? 

You're not alone. And there might be other reasons that exercise is not an option for you right now. That's why there is FUK Fitness - an interactive program built around healthy habits that do not require a drop of sweat!

Hows your sex life? 

Social distancing interfering? More time at home with your parter and ready for new ideas? OMGYES is my favourite resource. I am not an affiliate but I can't say enough about them. Get a sneak peak.

Questions? Here's a helpful link.

I called the CDC to get advice about contact within a fitness environment. They gave me this link (which is updated regularly) about risk assessment.

Also - a really helpful quick tips sheet for everyone with updates on available funding, what is open, what is closed, and more.