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your Organic Fitness journey

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This is a workout system designed to flow with the natural rhythms of a woman's body

A female body makes beautiful shifts throughout her cycle. Let me share how you can empower yourself so that you never have to beat, twist, shove, or force your body into someone else's version of fitness again.

Helpful Stuff

As you are going through the different workouts, you will come across some acronyms or sayings that might make you go, "HUH?".  You might be looking at a workout and seeing some exercises you can do and some that are too hard. The bonuses below will hopefully help with all that 🙂

10 ways to adjust your workout

Fitness Acronyms

Fitness tips for beginners

Organic Fitness Rules:

Email me if you are having any tech issues or have questions about anything Organic Fitness related. Use the FB group if you need some ideas, support, or motivation.

Map and track with curiosity, NOT judgement. Use the app or a system of your choice to notice patterns in energy levels. Record results as proof of progress and consistency. 

Listen to your body! Puking, fainting, dizziness, shooting pains, or not being able to maintain proper form are all signs you need to stop or modify.