O.F. January 2020

This is template is an idealistic suggestion. The goal of Organic Fitness is to listen to your body, know your goals, and understand your realistic time investment.  

EDT - Escalating Density Training

The basic idea is to pair two exercises which use opposing muscle groups and use a set period of time to complete as many of each exercise as you can. For full instructions and exercise suggestions, go to your app and you'll find this workout under O.F. High Energy Workouts designed to be used during the follicular phase of your cycle (waxing moon)

Match Up 365

This cardio workout gives you different exercises and different numbers - match a number choice to an exercise (the number represents how many reps you'll do). Match up each exercise to a number and GO! This is also under O.F. High Energy Workouts designed to be used during the follicular phase of your cycle (waxing moon)

Devil's Drop

A race against time whole body workout using a descending ladder for reps (start with 20 reps and work your way down). This is in O.F. Challenge Workouts under your programs tab and is a great 'at the top of your game' workout for your ovulation phase (or during the full moon)

Wheel of Fortune

This workout is designed to be used during your Luteal phase (waning moon) when your energy is better focused towards endurance so it is listed in the O.F. 'If I Have To' workouts. You'll complete each exercise for 1 min and take a break at the end of the circuit before repeating. 

'Stuck At Home' Resources

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