Welcome to your test drive

What you'll find in this journey

Every journey in the KLP Club is set up like this:

Each of the tabs in a journey is called a path and you'll see them all in the side menu on your left. 

Some paths have extra steps attached to them (like the contact me step at the bottom of this page - which is 100% workable if you do need to contact me!)

It's all just a way to keep info organized and make it easy for you to get at.

The other paths in this Test Drive Journey are:

Member Area vs App Area

This path helps (hopefully) to explain the different ways you can access your journeys in the KLP Club.

Important Do's and Don'ts

This is a path I stole from the Strong Survival Guide that goes over some basic Kickass Life Project philosophies about fitness. If you want to check out the full journey, it is free for you

Blow Your Own Damn Mind

This is a path I stole from the Sassy Survival Guide. It's all about trying new things so it seemed like the perfect path to put in this test drive journey. If you want to go through the whole Sassy Survival Guide journey... it's also free!

Test Drive the App

Check out this path if you want to take the app for a spin. 

Journeys like this are in your member area of the club and they store all the info, worksheets, videos, etc for each journey. You can come back to a journey any time and easily find the info you need.

The app is where all your day to day schedule are kept, your message centre, your exercise programs, and your offline access.

Almost all journeys are better when you use the app alongside the member area web portal.

You'll also see a step called January 2020 - this is an outline of what you can expect from the Organic Fitness journey. Every month you get brand new Organic Fitness workouts added to your app !

'Stuck At Home' Resources

Mind and body fitness for unprecedented times...even if you run out of toilet paper
take me there
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Stuck At Home?

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