a DATE YOURSELF adventure

Feel fierce, fun, fit, & flirty in under 5 min a day...

even if your carriage is a mom-mobile filled with crumbs or your side of the bed is the only part not covered in unfolded laundry.

Plus 5 dates every woman needs to take herself on

Take this KLP Journey on me. That means put your purse away; your ticket is pre-paid.


a woman whose life isn't going exactly as advertised, 

but you need to be strong for yourself without letting everyone else down. 

You're trying to move forward but when life keeps shifting you sideways, it's hard to keep your balance and remember where you wanted to be in the first place.

PS - If you don't like this date, unsubscribing is even easier than ghosting 🙂

I know what it's like to be lonely, worried, & fed up with trying. That's exactly why I created the 5 day DATE YOURSELF journey - to take you from discouraged & disenchanted to finally understanding how to make yourself fairytale happy 


Feeling unfit, disillusioned, run down, disappointed, unsatisfied?


Making a good impression on yourself, feeling excited about future you, being really good at single (even if you're not)

Sick of willpower fails, workday stress, mum guilt, avoiding mirrors?

Kissing yourself goodnight, honing your communication with yourself skills, putting your best foot forward each day and forgiving your flaws.

Given up on diets, workouts, getting enough sleep, enjoying sex?

Looking in the mirror and seeing the love of your life looking back at you with beautifully honest eyes.

This is for you

if you want quick and easy tips on finding that fantastic woman buried under the 'life crap that happens' burden



5 reality flipping ideas

Step 1

As soon as you start this free KLP adventure, you'll get instant access to my top five tips for changing your mood and feeling great...and each one can be done in under 5 minutes.

5 dates you need to go on alone

Step 2

Over the next 5 days, I'll send you a date idea a day... and not ordinary dates you'd go on with someone else. These are simple, but powerful dates designed especially for you to do solo.

secret stuff that is a surprise

Step 3

I vow to you that ANYTIME you sign up for a KLP journey (free or paid), you will ALWAYS get at least one surprise bonus. I can't tell you ahead of time what the surprises will be 'cause where's the fun it that?! Plus, it gives me the option to change up the bonuses from time to time :). 

Fierce, fun, fit, & flirty in under 5 min a day PLUS my 5 solo dates EVERY woman needs to take so she can feel like she's putting herself first. 

You deserve it!

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