Objective: Similar to month nine, financial goals cannot be ignored or forgotten if you truly want to reach the levels of success that most of us aspire to reach. In month ten, you are going to spend some quality time focusing on your financial situation and looking for 4 major opportunities to create improvement.

This exercise is powerful for people at both ends of the spectrum. Whether you are doing well financially or whether you are struggling, you can receive a ton of benefit from this.

Work Breakdown: Each week you are going to set one financial goal to focus on. Choose your goal based on your situation. If you are a student and you are trying to budget your spending for the year, your 4 goals might focus on money management, budgeting, reducing personal costs, etc.. If you are an established business person, your financial goals might include investing, tax or estate planning, etc..

Focus on areas of finance that relate to your current situation and feel stronger and healthier from your wallet out

A printable tracking sheet for organizing your finances (don’t avoid this one!!)