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tips on fitness, sex, and life after #metoo    

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The meaning of FUK

It is actually F.U.K. and it's my way of giving the finger to abuse. 

I've experienced sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. I'm kindof invested in helping other women recognize it, get out of it, and love themselves despite it. 

Listening to my body helped me survive and taught me how to get stronger and FUK reminds me of how far I've come.

You see, EVERY abusive man in my life had a name starting with 'K', so FU K is literally what it sounds like 🙂


Love your body.
Unleash your heart. 
Enjoy your life.

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Love your body.
Unbreak your heart. Enjoy your life.

I appreciate your patience if my site is slow 

Helping women live kickass lives in kickass bodies powered by kickass minds

even if you hate kale, burpees, and gratitude journals

A wise woman once said, "FUK this shit... and lived happily ever after"

Every woman needs to know three things... how to be enough, how to break the rules, and how to love her body.

It all starts with our stories. When's the last time you threw in a good plot twist? 😉

My life motto: You're still on... keep riding!

KLP is for women who need to get back on track.

Break Up? You can feel confidently, happily single.

Blah before you even get out of bed? Excitement is waiting! 

Stressed Out? You can feel 'wine and friends' charmed by your life.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun"

Real life women and real life science merge to smash the taboos around women's sexual pleasure. 

You'll feel proud and amazed that you have the honour of living in this exquisite creation that is the female body.

OMGYES is the roadmap you never knew you needed

KLP is where women shed shame, taboos, and should be's.

Not enough? Let's redefine sexy so you can feel like the fierce AF flower you truly are.

Unsatisfied? You can explore your body and feel like a bedroom goddess whether you're single or not.

#metoo? Your body can teach you about boundaries and belief

Do your squats, eat your veggies, and don't let anyone be mean to you.

It's time to start working out like a woman! 

Let me share why you never need to beat, twist, shove, or force your body into someone else's version of fitness again.

I am so passionate that every woman knows this info!

KLP is for women who want fitness to be a natural part of their life that they don't hate

Body image? You can totally blame your upbringing and societal pressure. I won't tell 😉

Unmotivated? You can make friends with fitness and still get results.

No stick-to-itness? Working out like a woman will change that.

When your life and your body let you down, there's only one thing to do...

... get sassy, get sexy, get strong! 

I believe we all need a reset button sometimes. 

I believe you can't fitness yourself into happiness. I believe you can't think yourself into happiness. I believe you've tried both & there's a better way.

I believe lots of people give you knowledge, but not enough people tell you HOW to use that knowledge.

I believe your brain lies and your body will tell you the truth.

I believe you can heal your heartbreak, make peace with #metoo trauma, love your body, enjoy getting older, and be completely enthralled with yourself.

I believe this journey called life is a great adventure story and you're ready for a plot twist detour. 


I can't believe I've become a fitness life coach lol


I believe I have the map you need to figure out where the FUK you are, where the FUK you want to be, and how the FUK you're gonna get there.