Worksheet Tech Stuff

You'll need to save your own copy of the worksheets in order to edit and use them. Here's a video and instructions on how to do that. (note: the worksheet in the video may not be the same one but the process is the same)

Step One: Click the link to the worksheet

Step Two: Click 'file' (you'll find it on the top left corner)

Step Three: Click 'make a copy' from the drop down menu 

Step Four: Name the file for yourself

Step Five: Click 'ok' and the file will be saved to your google drive where you can write in it. 


Kickass Life Project Date Yourself Journey

welcome Vid

Feel fierce, fit, fun, flirty, & FLAWSOME in under 5 min 

Plus 5 dates I dare you to take alone. This is all about getting to know YOU and loving the woman you discover.

Your Flawsome Videos

5 ways to feel better about everything in under 5 min


Feel Different

Build Success


Set Priorities

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Your 5 must-do dates

These are date ideas for you to plan now and go on sometime over the next year. And I can't wait to hear how much fun you have!

date #1

Staycation dreams do come true


The #1 thing women report as empowering


Identity follows behaviour... and you're worth it

date #4

Skill building, comfort zone busting fun

date #5

Discover the power of your greatest asset

Bonus Date: Join our FB group

About Kate

your date yourself guide

I'm a kickass life enabler, a candy addicted personal trainer, a self-taught extrovert, and a woman in love with the little things that empower us to be our best.

My bucket list gets bigger no matter how many things I tick off and I have a dream to one day say something so profound that it becomes a quote on pinterest.

I've fallen off my horse, (literally and figuratively) many times. Sometimes I don't bounce so well and it really frickin' hurts. Between life experience and counselling training and listening to other women, I've found some things that can soften the fall and help me get back up. I hope they help you as well 🙂 

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