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This is a journey to discover your inner gumby

Four weeks to help you move and feel better with a daily flexibility routine. 

Helpful Stuff

One of the benefits of stretching is the chance to slow down and relax. It's one part of a type of workout I call Restorative Workouts. While Yoga and meditation are not an official part of the Flexibility Journey, you may want to explore these things. The bonuses below will hopefully help.

Beginner's Guide to Yoga

Beginner's Guide to Meditation

Simple Stretch Cheat Sheet

Flexibility Journey Rules:

Email me if you are having any tech issues or have questions about anything stretch related. Use the FB group if you need some ideas, support, or motivation.

Explore with curiosity, NOT judgement. Nobody ever won a Nobel prize for doing the splits, so relax and enjoy the journey. You'll get where you want to go with consistency.

Listen to your body! Stretching should always feel like a gentle, pulling sensation, not sharp pains or agony. This is especially important with foam rollering. 

 KLP Projects

The Flexibility Journey is just one of the projects available to you as a KLP member. Some of the journeys you may want to explore next are any of the nutrition projects, habit projects, or mental health projects. 

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