Objective: The second month is about finding some real goals you can focus on. Month 1 was more of a fun exercise to get your imagination flowing. It is nice to imagine all of those goals coming true but many of them are simply unrealistic in terms of what you are capable of achieving today.

But now that you have had a chance to imagine, you have probably tapped into some powerful ideas about REAL goals that you can actually set. It is important to be BOTH realistic and optimistic when you do these goals. If you make the goals to easy to reach, there is no inspiration. If you make the goals impossible to reach, you will never truly believe in them. Find your sweet spot by listening to your gut.

Work Breakdown: The idea with Month 2 exercises is to get a concrete list of 30 real goals that you want for your life. The work will be broken into goal overviews and goal details.

Write 6 goals per day to complete your list of 30.

A printable tracking sheet for listing your 30 realistic goals (for week one of month two)

A printable tracking sheet to list detailed notes about your 30 goals