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aka the laziest health guide ever

For burned out, stressed out, want to throw the scale out women who fantasize about earning their perfect body by eating carbs and drinking wine while someone else does the dishes and cardio happens while you sleep.


Step 1
Have you ever felt like no matter how much you exercise your weight loss efforts are stuck? 

pout pout

Step 1
You know about HIIT and intervals and organic vegetarian holistic mumbo jumbo but who has the frickin' time?

if only...

Step 1
you could wave a wand and lose weight without losing a drop of sweat

 The secret...

What most trainers don't want you to know is that exercise does not equal weight loss. In fact, a person who moves all day long spends about 200 calories* more than a person who sits at a desk. Ummm...FTW?! 

Why do most health habits fall short or peter out?

With all our best intentions and rich internet resources for workouts, why is it so hard to stick with it, tone the muffin top, and care for ourselves? 

Why are we so afraid to change?

Our drive to lose weight and be perfect comes at a great cost. We are malnourished, if not starved, when it comes to compassionate self-acceptance, awareness, and care. We yearn for simplicity but struggle to find it. We ache for balance but can't sustain it. There is no time to juggle it all! Urrrrgggghhhhhhh

After spending money and effort on a fitness education and after years of study, deep inquiry, and personal experience, here's what I know for sure: 

NOTHING! Oh and this...


Think about it... even if we workout 5 times a week, we still have 163 hours in the week to screw it all up! And it's what we do in those hours that makes all the difference.

But knowing what to do isn't enough if we aren't doing it consistently. That's where the app reminders come in.

Let's be honest

you already know what to do

workout and eat healthier

eventually fall off the wagon

give up on fitness ... again

Accountability ...

the world's most effective habit building tool


Step 1

Figure out your unique cues - the good, the bad, and the unconscious - so that you can truly start to put healthy habits on autopilot as easily as you do with reaching for your glass of wine.


Step 1

Uncover the secret of changing an unhealthy routine. Hint: it isn't about changing it at all! I have super sneaky ninja skills to share so that your brain won't even realize you are rewiring it for health.


Step 1

And the best part is that you won't be basing your reward worthiness on results. Instead you'll be 100% in control every step of the way so you can guarantee yourself that reward at the end of the week. 

Plus Piggybacking!

my favourite, and super simple, habit building tool that most people don't know about...
and it's is way easier than the piggy backing you're thinking of

Actually, I'm Kate and I will teach you all of the cool things before handing you the magic wand that is  FUK Fitness. If you incorporate these habits into your life in a meaningful way, you will achieve that dream of losing weight without losing a drop of sweat.


Well, guess what? If you're a KLP member, this journey is FREE for you. 

If you're not a KLP member, it's a no brainer to become one.

When does it start?

It starts when you do: the moment you sign up. It doesn't matter if it's the beginning of a calendar year, the first day of spring, or in the middle of a random month. The mini lessons are waiting, and will take you on a journey, one day at a time.

That said... I will be running a follow along with me in our members only FB group and that will start January 1, 2020. 

Can I jump ahead in the journey?

The beauty of this program is that each habit is its own mini lesson and you choose which ones to do at a time. The biggest changes come from the smallest changes over time. Learning not to try and do everything all at once is part of the program.

What if I get behind?

The program is portable as long as you have your phone or internet. The habits are adaptable and can go with you wherever you go. This is about daily living, not an exercise program you focus on for a week. If you miss some days, that's can go back and catch up anytime.

How much is it?

Because holy crap who wants to spend hundreds of $ on their health, right?! Don't worry, I've got you covered. I'm launching the Kickass Life Project Club and FUK Fitness is included! You'll also get access to weekly Organic Fitness workouts plus everything else in the KLP Club ... I mean it's up to you...but at $10/mnth cancel anytime, that's a deal I'd take on all day long. 

Can I get a refund?

Nope. There are no refunds for the KLP Club BUT you can cancel anytime!! So don't be a dork. Join the club. I trust your judgement to know if the $10 investment is worth it to you (did I mention you can cancel anytime?) 

PS - If $10/mnth is beyond your financial means, I am launching a scholarship program for 10 women. Stay in touch for more details coming soon.

How does it work?

Step one: sign up as a KLP Club member (you'll get access to FUK Fitness and many other KLP Club journeys)

Step two: You'll pick one habit each week and get actionable steps to follow. You'll also get instructions for downloading your app and receive reminders, habit tracking accountability, and easy access to everything from your phone.

Step three: Join our private members FB group and I'll be starting a follow program on January 1, 2020.

Want to be reminded before the start up date? Stay in touch...

Am I allowed to exercise?

Absolutely! If you already have a fabulous exercise program going then by all means, stick with it :). This program will be an excellent compliment. 

If you aren't exercising regularly now but decide you might like to at any time during your FUK Fitness journey, then I applaud the idea. These habits are not about exercise and can be done as a stand alone...but they can also be done as a side along 😉 

And, of course, if you do decide to add exercise to your life, I've got you covered with Organic Fitness (the only way women should be doing workouts). It's also included in the KLP Club! 

Get full access to EVERYTHING in the KLP Club 

First 100 members special

There are no refunds but you can cancel anytime and I will not pester you with needing closure about why you did it. At this point, you either know it's worth the $10 or you know it's not for you. Either way, thanks for checking things out and I hope you stay in touch 🙂

only $10/mnth

* Current Biology, Pontzer et al.: "Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans"

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