aka, the laziest health guide ever

For burned out, stressed out, want to throw the scale out women who fantasize about earning their perfect body by eating carbs and drinking wine while someone else does the dishes and cardio happens while you sleep.
Have you ever felt like no matter how much you exercise your weight loss efforts are stuck?
You know about HIIT and intervals and organic vegetarian holistic mumbo jumbo but who has the frickin' time?
Well, it turns out exercise alone is not enough to help you loss weight. Even more disturbing is the news that at a certain point more exercise does NOT burn more calories.¹

Ummm... FTW?!

you deserve more than a 'nothing to complain about' life

These 'DUH, of course I can' habits will reshape your life so you can lose weight without losing a drop of sweat, even if your life moves so fast your hair blows back in the wind...and not in that sexy supermodel way.

The check in reminders are the secret key ingredient.

The secret most trainers don't want you to know...

Exercise does NOT equal weight loss

I spent a lot of money on an education based around the belief that if you spend more calories in your workouts, you will lose weight. Ummmmm, wrong.

A person who moves all day long spends approximately 200 calories a day more than the person who sits at a desk all day. Mind blown, right??

Why it works

With all our best intentions and rich internet resources for workouts, why is it so hard to stick with it, tone the muffin top, and care for ourselves? Why do most health habits fall short or peter out?

Why are we so afraid to change?

Our drive to lose weight and be perfect comes at a great cost. We are malnourished, if not starved, when it comes to compassionate self-acceptance, awareness, and care. We yearn for simplicity but struggle to find it. We ache for balance but can't sustain it. There is no time to juggle it all! Urrrrgggghhhhhhh

After years of study, deep inquiry, and personal experience, here's what I know for sure: NOTHING! Oh and this...

  • For habits to last you need to put yourself first. You won't make a dent in reducing the scale numbers or stress until you've learned to make yourself a priority. This system sends you a gentle reminder each day to take 5-10 minutes for yourself and focus on your current health habit.
  • For habits to last you need to change your mindset. Health is not something you "do" or squeeze into your life. It's a way of life - a journey - that doesn't always add up, make sense, or go in a straight line. Health is not about "getting rid of..." It's about letting go of the things that get in the way and making space for the things that help you along the way.
  • For habits to last you need to slow down. Clearing old habits and resisting behaviors is not possible until you slow it ...way... down. In a world that is all about speed, this requires awareness; daily doses of it. "Slow drip" efforts applied consistently over time are the real game changer here.

WELCOME to the f.u.k. fitness club... healthy habits that do not require exercise...  but don't be fooled. If you take this on, you are not lazy; you are ready.

Though there is no way to predict what will happen as you begin to "slow drip" these habits into your daily life, one thing I can say is this: to the degree that you're willing to be open to the experience and stick with it, you will not be the same person you are now...and that's the goal, right?

"What you are is what you have been; what you will be is what you do now." ~ Buddha

(I used Buddha as a quote 'cause he's such a fitness guru icon...he he) PS - I'm funny. You'll get used to it.

What to expect in the first week

During your first week, I'm going to show you how to get the most out of this program by giving you the lowdown on cues, routines, and rewards

Plus my favourite trick for starting a new habit...piggybacking 🙂

and it's way easier than the piggybacking you're thinking of

Let's be honest...you already know what to do...

I spent a lot of time believing I was a terrible trainer because people wouldn't lose weight despite the fabulous workouts I designed for them.

Then I realized that even if you workout 5 times a week, you still have 163 hours in the week to screw it all up! And it's what you do in those hours that makes all the difference.

But knowing what to do isn't enough if you aren't doing it consistently. That's where the app reminders come in.

Accountability is the world's most effective tool for healthy habit building.

Each day you get a push reminder about your habit. You will be able to track your habit and see how many days you clicked yes. You'll also get mini lessons that motivate you to stick with that habit. Deceptively simple and unbelievably effective at  creating new healthy habits that last...

How not doing your habit is the best thing that could happen to you.

It's going to happen. There will be a habit that is new or hard and it won't get done. You'll be faced with having to click the NO button when asked if you did your habit. Here's what you need to know about that...


Will it bug you? Probably! And you'll work harder to make sure you get to click YES the next day.

Will it derail your efforts? No! One day does not make or break you.

Will you start avoiding clicking NO? Maybe...and that's when you really make progress.

Because when you don't want to click NO and you start avoiding the app so you don't have to face the fact that you are not doing your habit that's when you discover something that has been holding you back all these years!

The healthy habits you avoid are the key to making real changes that will turn your success curve upwards. And the tools you'll learn with this system each day are the key to being able to actually make those changes and be consistent with them.


"I promise that if you incorporate all of these habits into your life in a meaningful and real way, you will lose weight without losing a drop of sweat or I will refund every penny."
​~ Kat 

My focus is on ways to 'fit' fitness into busy women's lives when there simply isn't time. I know what it's like to be a hair straight back, stressed out, mum and self-employed freaker outer of the world. FUK fitness is a product of seeing woman after woman 'fail' at losing weight no matter how hard they hit the gym. Because the honest to goodness truth is that most of your weight loss success has nothing to do with exercise.


Here are some of the habits you'll be able to choose from (there's 52 all together):

  • Make friends with willpower so being healthy isn’t so much work and you can get off the guilt train and actually start...liking yourself??!
  • Learn to identify what is really you holding you back from your weight loss efforts so you can finally stop making excuses and start shopping for smaller sizes.
  • Practice taking small steps to get a long way so you don’t get overwhelmed and set yourself up for failure. Learn to build success momentum and ride that train instead.
  • Learn to easiest ways to make habits stick so you can start waking up in the morning feeling proud of yourself and excited to start the day.
  • Cultivate extreme self-care so you have more energy for important things like pedicures, reading to your children, and living longer.
  • Figure out WHY all this stuff matters so you can get rid of that feeling of discontent and feel like you’re finally on the right path in life.
  • Develop habits this year that will work for you for the rest of your years … healthier, happier, easier years that you’ll look back on with a smile instead of regret.
  • Expand your awareness of who you are and what you are capable of so that you gain confidence, increase your belief limits and reach for bigger goals.
  • Plus one new recipe a week (come one... we both know the first thing you thought of when I suggested getting healthier is all the food you'd be giving up. PS - this isn't about dieting, either)


Mini lessons are organized into weekly habits... (seems more doable already, huh?) Here are some habits you'll be playing with:

  • Looking backwards
  • The social butterfly effect
  • The magic of fibre
  • Gumby unleashed
  • Be a food snob
  • Get off FB
  • Adopt lazy fitness
  • Living Imperfectly
  • Just say NO
  • Willpower Woes
  • Cheating without guilt
  • Macros matter
  • Tricking yourself
  • Posture perfect
  • Plus some of the things you've come to expect like water, portion sizes, kale tastes as good as cupcakes brainwashing ... but done in a fun way!!

At the end of each seven-day period, (only 7 days? yes, only 7 days per habit... this gets easier and easier!), you will have an opportunity to "check in" with yourself: to review your habit progress with the built in tracker, to reflect on how this habit fits into your life, (or not), and to share your experience in our KLP FB Success Group, (optional). You can message with me anytime. We're going to be good friends, you and I 🙂

No matter what time of year it is, now is the time to invest in you. To feed you
It's time to explore...
It's time to tend, attend, and intend...
It's time to focus...and renew

Enough frou frou?

Get started painlessly 

My personal guarantee: if you have continuously implemented at least 12 of these habits, (that's 3 months) and not lost weight (assuming your goal was weight loss), I will refund your full purchase,*  and offer you a free 30 minute one on one consult. That's how much I believe in the results you will get. 

Want to know how you can get the best deal? Like a stupid, crazy great deal?

Keep reading...


  • When does the program start? It starts when you do: the moment you sign up. It doesn't matter if it's the beginning of a calendar year, the first day of spring, or in the middle of a random month. The mini lessons are waiting, and will take you on a journey, one day at a time.


  • If I feel ready, can I jump ahead? The beauty of this program is that each habit is its own mini lesson and you choose which ones to do ...one at a time. The biggest changes come from the smallest changes over time. Learning not to try and do everything all at once is part of the program.


  • What happens if I have to leave town and can't attend to some of the lessons? The program is portable as long as you have your phone or internet. The habits are adaptable and can go with you wherever you go. This is about daily living, not an exercise program you focus on for a week. If you miss some days, that's ok...you can go back and catch up anytime.


  • It's included in the Kickass Life Project Club! Because holy crap who wants to spend hundreds of $ on their health, right?! Don't worry, I've got you covered. I'm launching the Kickass Life Project Club and FUK Fitness is included! You'll also get access to weekly Organic Fitness workouts plus everything else in the KLP Club ... I mean it's up to you...but at $10/mnth cancel anytime, that's a deal I'd take on all day long.


  • Can I get a refund? Nope. Well ok, it depends. If you're doing the habits consistency for 3 months AND checking in so I can see the accountability but still not losing any weight, I will refund the 3 month investment. As a general rule, there are no refunds for the KLP Club BUT you can cancel anytime!! So don't be a dork. Join the club. It's only $10/mnth. (did I mention you can cancel anytime?)

  • How Does It Work?​ You sign up as a KLP Club member, and you'll get access to weekly FUK Fitness pages with mini lessons for each health hack habit. One habit each week and lots of actionable steps for you to follow. You'll also get instructions for downloading your app and receive reminders, habit tracking accountability, and easy access to everything from your phone.


  • Am I allowed to exercise? Absolutely! If you already have a fabulous exercise program going then by all means, stick with it :). This program will be an excellent compliment. If you aren't exercising regularly now but decide you might like to at any time during your FUK Fitness time, then I applaud the idea. These habits are not about exercise and can be done as a stand alone...but they can also be done as a side along 😉 And, of course, if you do decide to add exercise to your life, I've got you covered with Organic Fitness (the only way women should be doing workouts). It's also included in the KLP Club!

Let's get you started

The #1 Secret to Successful Habit Building

Habits are a beautiful thing.  Just think, if you had to put forth conscious effort for everything that you did in a day, your brain would be fried and you wouldn’t get much done.

Habits are a great way for the brain to work efficiently and do other things while you are completing the task you need to do.  Basically, you are putting the task on autopilot.

This is great for things we WANT to do, but not so great when we are trying to change something negative we have done for a long time.

"Habits make change possible by freeing us from decision making and from using self-control."- Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin

Habits follow a consistent execution formula.  Charles Duhigg calls this the habit loop.
It goes like this…

  1. Cue
  2. Routine
  3. Reward

Something or someone cues or triggers you to begin, you follow the routine, then afterwards get some type of reward.

Here's some examples that might hit home:
Cue:  You get bored.
Routine:  You check Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest feed.
Reward:  You find a cat video and laugh and feel good which reinforces the feedback look.


Cue:  You feel stressed out.
Routine:  You seek out sugary snacks.
Reward:  The sugary snacks give you a quick sugar rush and a shot of dopamine to the brain, all the while distracting you from the stress of the moment...which reinforces the feedback loop.

Understanding that habits work through loops is the important point here.  Cue, routine, reward.  The first step in changing the pattern or loop is recognizing the loop exists and you are getting something positive from your negative habits. We can use this to our advantage.

What the app does is create a positive cue, (the push notification reminder), gives you a routine, (5-10 minutes of self-care to read your mini lesson of the day), and gives you a reward, (the motivation, support and guidance of the mini lesson so you feel focused, organized, and prepared).

​PLUS,  you will start to get a little high from clicking "YES, I did my habit yesterday". You will start to crave that 'wahoo pat on the back' feeling and you will work harder to ensure you get to click YES the next day.

"Knowing your purpose, choosing how you will complete the task, and mastering the completion of the task is the secret to happiness and motivation. Conquer your mountain one step at a time.” - someone once said

Using the KLP FUK Fitness program with the app will take you step by step, day by day, through a journey that will start out as a weight loss project but will end up taking you so much farther than you could have ever have imagined. This is your life. You got this.

Kat Kickass Life Project

Your path to freedom starts today...with just you. Tomorrow, we'll get to know each other a bit better. Sometime this week, you'll join the FB Success Group. Before you know it we'll be buds and you'll be standing atop your mountain surrounded by friends...some will already be there to welcome you and there will be others you'll reach a hand out to as they reach their mountain top.

 Literally can't wait!! See you on the other side of the click 🙂 <3

¹ Current Biology, Pontzer et al.: "Constrained Total Energy Expenditure and Metabolic Adaptation to Physical Activity in Adult Humans" http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.cub.2015.12.046