Objective: For the twelfth and final month of our program, we are going to lighten things up a little and spend some time focusing on fun and recreation. After all, if you don’t set goals to have fun in your life, you very well end up forgetting to do so!

Obviously you don’t need to “goal set” every fun activity in your life but the real purpose of this month is to get you actively setting time aside in your life to do the really important fun things that may have been put off due to your busy goal achieving schedule!

Work Breakdown: Each week you are going to set one fun or recreation based goal to focus on. This is totally meant to be a fun exercise so that is how you should treat it. Don’t spend too much time on the workbook because that cuts into your fun time.

Some of your fun goals may not be able to occur this month (for example, you might want to go on a cruise but you need to plan a vacation like that 6 months in advance). The key is to take action on the fun goal. In our example, this would be a great time to plan the trip, book the time off work and start saving up for some spending money!

Let’s finish with a bang! This month is all about FUN

A printable tracking sheet that you won’t need if you’re doing things right 🙂