Objective: You cannot be a high achiever in life if you neglect your body and are unable to maintain a high level of health and vitality. Like all good goal achievers, you are going to take time this month to set goals for your health and fitness to make sure you reach the best levels of personal health as possible.

NOTE — Think about this one creatively. For example, you might already be an active person who works out at the gym 3-4 days a week. This is not meant to replace existing heath/fitness goals you might already be meeting. This month will help you focus on additional ways to increase your health and open your eyes to new opportunities to bring even more health into your life.

Work Breakdown: Each week you will pick one area to focus on. Some example health related areas might include: stress reduction, healthy eating, mediation/relaxation techniques, a body cleanse, stretching, physio therapy to address pain/injury, etc… From there you are going to set 4 major goals (1 per week) for the month.

Focus on health related goals each week of this month and see what happens

A printable tracking sheet for staying on top of all that health (which is the true wealth of life)