I received this text from a man I met for coffee...once. He knew I was fresh out of a serious long term relationship. I texted with him for a next week but then, for various reasons, I was unable to respond to his advances for a few days. And he felt the need to send me this...

Clearly, I deserved that slew of venom?! ...But this is not a post about women's rights or abusive behaviour...this is a post about believing in yourself, finding your strength, discovering your happiness, and staying healthy through all of it... But on the other hand, OMG WTAF!???!!! Seriously, dude?! But let's talk about the shit text later. First...

Breaking Up Is Hard...

And it hurts. OMG it hurts. And not in a good way like you discover muscles you didn't know you had after leg day at the gym or when you're BFF tells you the truth about the spinach that's been in your teeth all day.

Clearly I am not a relationship expert but I do have a few tips and tricks for stay fit during the lemon throwing lessons of life. Let's chat…

Is this you...?

You sob ugly, heaving, chest puking, gut wrenching, gulping  snot filled air and choking on it, tears while curled up on the kitchen floor with a bucket of ice-cream because you were fine until you decided to eat, despite feeling nauseas, and you saw a little xo note he'd left months ago stuck to the fridge.

Do this...

Is this you...?

You hide from the world, cancel appointments, call in sick to work, tell your friends you're too tired to go out, watch movies that will make you cry, pile laundry on the other side of the bed 'cause no-one is sleeping there anyway and you can't be bothered to put it away, avoid going to bed because waiting behind your eyelids is a replay of everything you miss, avoid getting up because you're already exhausted and you've got a whole day of hollowness to fill with distractions you don't really care about…

Do this...

Is this you...?

You're going to make that no good, doesn't deserve you, crazy guy/gal regret the day you broke up by crafting the best gotta have dat ass buns in town and losing every spec of fat with the first magic pill diet you find 'cause this shit has to happen fast!

Do this...

....far, far away as fast as you can ... think of it as cardio!

Honestly, there are some people you should be grateful to have lost and you might need some space in order to see it.

Remember the text I shared from venom man? Wondering if the person who sent that is human? Ya, me too! When you read it, were you outraged? Were you shocked? Did you think I deserved that?

I'm guessing no... but at the time I received that text, I believed those words. 

My monkey on my shoulder screamed 'you'll never be good enough'. So I did breakup scenario one and two from above ...and then I did burpees :)...'cause the monkey lies.

How does your monkey speak to you? If you wrote it out would it shock you? Outrage you? Do you deserve it?

I have a saying when I'm training people...listen to your body; it tells the truth. Ignore your brain; your brain lies.

Here's the thing...(there is always a thing)...a break up, a sad past, a hater... they will all try to bring you down. Follow what your body tells you is working; ignore the monkey.

Organic Fitness is based around the premise of listening to your body. It is fitness designed to flow with a woman's cycle so you can work with your body instead of fighting against it.

Here's some helpful links to get you started

Long ago, in an epic break up heartbreak land, I searched for happiness by writing a blog. Yoga was my happiness experiment on Day 29