How to Register

Easy two step process

Step One

Step 1

Click the login button and use the 'register' option to create a KLP account. 

(If you already have one, just log in)

Step two

Step 1

You will be redirected so you can complete your sign up with PayPal or CC and you're in!

Easy peasy.

All journeys/projects* are included with Kickass Life Project Membership. 

Just $10/mnth and you can cancel anytime.

* except FUK Fitness 


PS - You can also join a different KLP project as such as the Coaches Club and Sexy Slim Down after Step One.


Kickass life project


**If you do not already have a KLP account**

If you're having trouble viewing videos, turn your device sideways and all will be good with the world again.

Step One

Step 1

Click the login button and use the register link to create a free KLP account

Step two

Step 1

You'll be redirected to the subscription page where you can join the project of your choice

Currently you can join the KLP Club, Sexy Slim Down, or the Coaches Club (for fitness professionals only)

You will be able to choose which project you want to join AFTER registering for a free KLP account. 

**If you already have a KLP account with any of these projects, you do NOT need to create a new account. You can go straight to the payment cart. Use the links below.**

KLP Projects


There is a growing library of how-to videos. If you have a question that isn't answered on the how-to page, please contact me so I can help.

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