This is not my website but a recommendation from me

OMGYES... a website dedicated to removing the taboo around women's sexual pleasure. There is a one time reasonable cost to this membership site. It is NOT run by me. I do NOT get any kickbacks if you purchase a membership. 

I am affiliated with me because I was filmed as one of their season two participants (not available yet). 

I was, and continue to be, over the top impressed with their professionalism and classiness in dealing with this subject. It is a website unlike any other you've ever seen. It is personal stories blended with science. 


Sexy Slim Down

This project has an extra cost and lifetime access.

OK so this is a workout thing but it has the word sexy in the title so I thought I'd include it here as well ;).

This is two 30 day challenges with 60 different workouts total. Each workout is only 20 minutes!

Once signed up, you will get one workout a day for the next 60 days and you will always have access to these workouts. 

Use coupon code sexystartsinside to get season one and two for just $20.


Before you cancel... consider pausing. If you are one of the first 100 club members you are getting an incredible deal that will not be available again. Instead of giving up your place as one of the founding members, send me an email and let me know how long you want to pause. I can set your subscription to pause for up to 6 months. No questions asked.


Why recording reps?

  • It shows you your progress over time (which can be massively motivating) 
  • You can quickly and easily see whatever weight or time you did the last time (which takes away the guess work)
  • Pro tip: Record reps during your rests OR do it all at once afterwards

Why track workouts?

  • It shows your patterns which helps get rid of the 'shoulds' because you can see what is normal for you (plus plan better)
  • It keeps you accountable and helps you build momentum (plus see where there are gaps in your schedule)
  • Pro tip: Use the 'add a note' feature in desktop to add in your planned workouts at the beginning of each week. You are way more likely to do them and you can always move them or delete them if plans go askew.

Why record reps? 

  • It shows you your progress over time (which can be massively motivating) 
  • You can quickly and easily see whatever weight or time you did the last time (which takes away the guess work)
  • Pro tip: Record reps during your rests OR do it all at once afterwards

 App How-To Vids

Recording reps in phone app

Recording reps on desktop

Tracking workouts in Organic Fitness

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