Every woman deserves to NOT be confused in her Kickass Life Journey!

I have done my best to make everything intuitive and easy to navigate but I am open to your feedback. If something is confusing or not working, let's fix it.

 General FAQ's

How do I cancel a subscription or update my payment info?

Before you cancel... consider pausing. If you are one of the first 100 club members you are getting an incredible deal that will not be available again. Instead of giving up your place as one of the founding members, send me an email and let me know how long you want to pause. I can set your subscription to pause for up to 3 months. No questions asked.

How do I navigate around the member area?

I'm lost. Where do I start?

Start on the member home page and make sure you are logged in. As a free logged in member you will only see a couple of journeys listed under your profile. If you are paid logged in member, you will have gone through the payment cart process and will see many more journeys. 

Look for the KLP Start Up course and click on that. You MUST go through and mark each step as complete in order to get access to anything else. After that...

...you can click on any journey right from your profile OR navigate to one of the club pages (Sassy club, Sexy club, Strong club) and choose a journey from there. Either way, you will be taken to the home page for your chosen journey and you can start it. If you can't click into the lessons, you either aren't logged in, or it is a restricted journey. If you think you should have access and don't, let me know right away!

What is the difference between the member area and the app?

You can think of the app as your present moment focus. Having the app installed will give you access to a daily schedule of everything for whatever journeys you are currently on. It will give you in-app reminders and notifications to keep you on track. Everything for your journey will be drip fed into your app as you need it (and yes you can go back to view things you've missed) The app is essential for any fitness related journey's because that is where you will see all your exercises.

The member area on the KLP website is your future and past focus. Clicking in to any of the paths on a journey will either give you bonus info or it will be a reminder of something from the app. It is a well organized place for you to be able to revisit as often as you like when you need to look something up. As great as the app is, it doesn't have a well organized system for keeping track of all the pdf's and videos you'll get while going through your journeys. Plus, you'll get a nifty certificate when you complete a journey in the member area.

I've finished a journey but I didn't get a certificate.

Possibly that is my tech skills falling down but before you contact me about it, make sure you've gone through and marked each path and step of the journey as complete and that you've taken any quizzes attached to the journey. 

If you've done all that and are still having issues, let me know. I love fixing techy stuff... (not really but I'll do it for you <3)

 App FAQ's

How do I record reps in the app?

Why record reps?

It shows you your progress over time (which can be massively motivating)

You can quickly and easily see whatever weight or time you did the last time (which takes away the guess work)

Pro tip: Record reps during your rests OR do it all at once afterwards

How do I track workouts for Organic Fitness?

It shows your patterns which helps get rid of the 'shoulds' because you can see what is normal for you (plus plan better)

It keeps you accountable and helps you build momentum (plus see where there are gaps in your schedule)

Pro tip: Use the 'add a note' feature in desktop to add in your planned workouts at the beginning of each week. You are way more likely to do them and you can always move them or delete them if plans go askew.

How do I use the app?

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