I want to talk about this concept of “everyone has the same 24 hours in a day” and why I think it is BULLSHIT.

Yep, we are on the same planet for the most part and time doesn’t adjust itself for each of us individually but we need to start measuring days in some other currency than hours and minutes.

What if we measured our days in “energy bites”.(This is not a new concept, btw. The Spoon Theory is also spot on but I like my way of explaining it better and I have a one extra aspect that they don’t include.

So … some days I wake up and I have 20 million “energy bites”. And SHIT gets done!!

  • I can take a shower
  • I can go to Zumba
  • I can have three training sessions with clients
  • I can bake fresh power muffins
  • Knock out 3 blog posts
  • Chauffeur my kids
  • And still have time to have a meaningful conversation with my horse

I know you’ve had these days, too and wow do you feel empowered and proud and on the right track and look at me I’ve got this life thing sorted and things are going to be great from now on ’cause nothing can stop this momentum train of success and gratitude and awesomeness!

And then…some days…I wake up and my supply of “energy bites” has been hijacked. Like I’ve still got morning breath and need to pee and I’m not sure I want to get out of bed.

  • I don’t want to take a shower
  • I don’t have the energy to have a meaningful conversation with my child
  • I don’t want to see people and be peppy and motivating
  • I just want to not to do anything because my supply of “energy bites” is depleted.

Maybe I’m tired … or I’m emotionally drained …or I’m going through another bout of anxiety… or I’ve got a migraine starting.

People who have a chronic disease or people who have children with special needs or single mothers, or people who don’t have any help at all around the house….They might seem like they have 24 hours in a day but their “energy bites” are assigned to just surviving.

And they may choose to use their leftover “energy bites” to go grocery shopping or go to a parent teacher interview or just take a shower or EAT!

So anytime you see someone who gets a lot done in a day, (or appears to have it all together), remember you might be catching them on a day when they have an abundant supply of “energy bites” …not to mention a housekeeper that provides a top-up by taking care of all the random shit in the house or a nanny that gives them time to meditate on the beach instead of in the bathroom.

So I’m not going to sit here and pretend that some people are super heros who have the same 24 hours in a day as you and they get so much done while you are somehow mismanaging your precious time, because the reality is this…Some people have the luxury of using  “energy bites” to grow their business, or take multiple vacations, or plan themed birthday parties for their children, or workout at the gym for two hours a day…but not everyone has the same luxury!

And we’d be fools not to acknowledge that.

Now…I said I have an add on second part to this theory and this is the part that can help you acquire extra ‘energy bites’.

Would you like to have more days with 20 million ‘energy bites’?

Stop. SHOULDING. Yourself.

Approach your life with curiosity instead of judgement and stop telling yourself you SHOULD be or feel differently. Accept what is and then take small steps to improve the parts you want to improve…not because you SHOULD be different, but because you want to see what happens if you try new things.

Spoiler alert: what happens is that all the energy you’ve been putting into SHOULDING, gets freed up. Trust me…I know.

Action taker task for today: give yourself permission to work with the ‘energy bites’ you’ve have allotted to you today. Beating yourself up never gives you extra energy, only bruises….which take energy to heal. Seriously… imagine that whatever you’ve got to give is enough for today.

I’ll chat with you soon.P.S: The Spoon Theory… proving I’m not a total twit and smarter people than me have already come up with this stuff 🙂