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How it works and what you get

Brought to you by me...with <3

I'm Kate. Two seconds before this photo was taken we were all smiling at the camera like normal people. Then a wasp flew at my daughter's face, my son did his trademark last minute facial fix because he thinks it's funny, and I snapped this beauty shot.

The older my children get, the more I enjoy the memories; but I remember how hard it was to believe that would be the case when they were little and my husband worked out of town.

To keep my sanity and my health, I designed what I now call Imaginaction...and I'm sorry I waited so long to share it with you.

I'm Kate... the weirdo in the middle

Your Imaginaction Starter Kit

First of all...hugs!

My son used to 'invent' hugs. And right now, your kids could probably use some hugs and some fun from you 🙂

The main feature is a starter story and a starter rhyme

I am feverishly putting this all together because I know so many of you are #stuckathome and trying to stay active and entertain your kids. So I'm not spending much time on this webpage! 

I'll explain more about everything on the other side of the click and please be patient with any glitches while I get this somewhat professional (ish).

For now... just know you'll be getting a story to tell (yes it is meant to be told out loud instead of read) and a rhyme that incorporate movement and activity in a fun way for kids and adults to do together.

There's no risk here. It's free cause we've all got to stick together (but with appropriate distancing) during this weird time in history. Make some memories with your kids while you've got this time!

Grab your starter stuff, have some laughs with the kiddos today, and I'll be adding more soon!! 

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