I have survived physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse. This is about narcissistic abuse. I call it invisible abuse because most people don’t know it’s happening to them even as it’s happening.

When I first started reading about narcissistic abuse, I got physically cold…all the hair on my arms stood up…I felt like someone had been a fly on the wall through my entire relationship. It will be the same for you.

This post is here with the intention of reaching one person… whoever you are.

I used to NOT put stuff out there because who wants to hear the inside of my head anyway?

There’s a TON of people saying the same things in much more engaging and brilliant ways than me so who needs me adding to the noise??

One person. I don’t know who yet and I may never know.

I decided one day that if you don’t need to hear this, you won’t watch it. But if you found it for a reason, then here it is…just for you.

I used to NOT put stuff out there because it’s personal and it’s ugly and I don’t want to embarrass the people closest to me.

Who am I pretending to help when I’m barely functioning myself some days?

One person. Even if that person is me.

I decided one day it was cowardly and it was killing me to not say true things out loud… how dare I keep it in while expecting you to be brave and face your own shit.

To that one person who thinks they’re going crazy and doesn’t know what is happening to them…start watching.

Your free, no opt-in guideto understanding what makes you a good target for a narcissist, how to know to know if you are being invisibly, narcissistically abused, and what to do next.

Things you might be feeling

  • “I think I’m going crazy…”
  • I know he/she is bad for me but I just can’t quit them
  • Horrific confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Time isn’t healing!

Traits most victims have: (just a few … get the guide for all of them)

  • Previously suffered abuse, fear abuse or have a strong aversion to people who are abusive.
  • Find it difficult to speak up and stand up for yourself and create healthy boundaries.
  • Find it hard to say ‘no’ and keep giving even when it feels bad.
  • Highly intelligent and can usually work out a solution in most areas of your life.
  • Tend to make things work even against the odds, because you have a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • Find it hard to receive from others, and you are the person who usually does the heavy lifting.
  • Have a high level of integrity, and don’t like people thinking badly of you, and in fact can be highly disturbed if someone thinks you’re a bad person.

If you are still reading this, it is because you recognize yourself in it and you are transfixed…and scared…and in so much friggin pain.

I want you to know you will be ok. I promise the pain can stop. It takes 3 really hard steps… but we’ve got this. Get your next 3 steps here(no opt-in required)

PS — Please share if you know someone who needs to hear this. Thank you.