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easy two step process

Step One

Step 1

Click the login button and use the 'register' option to create a KLP account. 

(If you already have one, just log in)

Step two

Step 1

You will be redirected so you can complete your sign up with PayPal or CC and you're in!

Easy peasy.

All journeys/projects* are included with Kickass Life Project Membership. 

Just $10/mnth and you can cancel anytime.

* except FUK Fitness 


Here's the keys!

When you log into this example account, you'll be able to navigate through the app, try out different features, and get a feel for how you'll experience some of the journeys in the KLP Club. 

Log in to an example account

username: / password: example

*** Click on 'SCHEDULE' after log in and start on Monday ***


Sassy Journeys

These are some of the journeys you'll find in the Sassy Project

A 14 day journey

An ongoing journey

A 2 hour journey


Strong Journeys

Some of the journeys you'll find in the Strong Project

A 30 day journey

An ongoing journey

A 2 hour journey


Sexy Journeys

These are some fo the journeys in the Sexy Project

A 30 day journey


more coming soon


and so she decided to start living the life she'd imagined

imagine sassy...

Step 1

Build confidence with small successes and stop wondering if your feel good gene is broken 

imagine sexy...

Step 1

omgyes! Discover the magical unicorn roadmap to exploring your body and demystifying orgasms

imagine strong...

Step 1

Ninja tips that unlock secrets to lasting health even if you hate kale and motivational quotes

 What is the KLP Club?

The Kickass Life Project Club is an ever-growing library of journeys for you to explore inside the Sassy Project, the Sexy Project, and the Strong Project. You can think of them as courses, challenges, projects or programs, that you will navigate while creating the life you've always imagined living

The goal of the sassy journeys is to give you those 'aha, I'll drink to that' moments. 

I freakin' love those moments when you make a mental sidestep and in that one second, everything is different; everything is doable. 

Ever wanted to inspire yourself to be braver than you were yesterday? The sexy journeys are the no blushing opportunities to embrace all that your body can do for you.

The goal of  the strong journeys is to uncover your unique obstacles, unlock your unique strengths, and unleash a future you that believes her body is perfect at every stage of her journey.

One of my fav questions is, "If you already had your perfect body, how would you treat it today?"

The Projects

Within each PROJECT, there are journeys to explore

what the SASSY Project will do for you
(mental health journeys)

what the SEXY Project will do for you
(sexual health journeys)

what the STRONG Project will do for you
(fitness & nutrition journeys)

The Journeys

Journeys can be a few hours, a couple of weeks, or a few months. You choose the journeys you want to take and when you want to take them. This 'test drive' journey below is a mish mash of pages stolen from real journeys within the KLP Club so you can explore what a journey looks like on the inside... Go ahead and play!

 About Kate

your kickass life project guide

First... hi! If you're reading this, I'm doing a happy dance inside that your path has led you here and you've found something worth pausing for. I never take it for granted when a connection is made, whether it is in person or online. 

I am a candy eating personal trainer, a self-taught extrovert, a tea loving counsellor. My bucket list gets bigger no matter how many things I tick off and I have a dream to one day say something so profound that it becomes a quote on pinterest.

I opened the Kickass Life Project Club because I am a creator. I love designing journeys that will help you trail blaze and re-imagine your life ... and I put them all into the one club because I couldn't figure out how to make a bunch of different payment options 🙂

One club, many journeys, endless possibilities.

Also included in the KLP Club --> Organic Fitness

If you have a vagina, you need to know about this revolutionary way for women to workout.

My Proven Method for Fitness Harmony

Step 1

Science has known that women's bodies work differently than men's for years, but this is the first time in history that we are applying that knowledge to fitness 

The Easy Way to Use This in Your Life

Step 1

If you struggle with feeling successful and getting beyond body image, Organic Fitness will turn things around almost like magic

The Exact Copy and Paste Template You Need

Step 1

If you are not sure how to train with this method, don't sweat it! I'll give you the exact workouts you need every month plus a schedule to follow.

This is honestly one of the biggest perks of the KLP Club and it is worth being a member for this alone! Each and every month you get brand new Organic Fitness workouts added to your app. You can track workouts, exercises, nutrition, and more on the app. 

Plus you'll learn all about Organic Fitness --> How to workout like a woman!

Want to Xplore the app?

The KLP app is used for many of the journeys, (especially the fitness journeys) to deliver messages and programs right to your phone. The app keeps you on track with your journey each day.

Also included in the KLP Club -->

There's more but these a few of my favs

How much is the KLP Club?

Get access to everything / Cancel anytime

First 100 members special

Only $10/mnth

Why so cheap?

It won't always be this price! This is a founding members special that I am happy to offer in return for your feedback. I want to build a solid foundation of awesome members in the Kickass Life Project... members who are my fan club.

So in exchange for this low introductory price, I will be asking you to help me find broken links or bugs in the system. I will be asking you to help me spread the word by telling your friends about the KLP Club ( as long as you truly are a fan!)

Once the first 100 spots are taken, the price will go up forever for everyone but you. If you get locked in at $10/mnth, you will never pay more. Plus you can pause your subscription for up to 3 months without losing your intro rate.

Is there a guarantee?

If you spend $10 for the first month and there is nothing waiting for you on the other side of the click (as in a blank screen and no journey options to choose from cause I've scammed you out of $10) then I will refund. Otherwise, please be aware that you are welcome to cancel at any time with zero hassle from me but I am not issuing refunds on $10 at this time. 

$10 gets you a month of awesome workouts, health habits, member group support, app access, and any of the other journeys you want to explore. I believe you will know if it is worth the $10 investment to try things out. You CAN cancel at any time 🙂 You CAN pause your subscription for up to three months. You CAN get a free trial month if you are an OMGYES member.

Can I see a full list of all the journeys?

The journey library is continuously growing so it would be impossible for me to keep a list updated here, but I can give you links to the Sassy, Sexy, and Strong project pages so you can see the latest and greatest journeys available.

How does it work?

Step one: sign up as a KLP Club member 

Step two: Explore the projects and decide which journeys you want to go on 

Step three: You can explore any journey as much as you like (you will have access to almost everything)

Step four: When you've chosen a journey, use the app register path for that journey to download the journey onto your KLP app and you now have me as your tour guide through that journey. 

Please note: With some exceptions, I recommend only having ONE journey at a time downloaded onto your app or you will be overrun with info, emails, and messages from all at once. 

What about personal training?

Customized workouts and nutrition planning for anyone who is new to weight training

Contact me for more info

Customized workouts and nutrition planning for anyone whose goal is fat loss

Contact me for more info

Customized workouts and nutrition planning for anyone whose goal is toning

Contact me for more info

Huge discounts for members --> FUK  Fitness

The laziest health hack guide ever to help you lose weight without losing a drop of sweat

For burned out, stressed out, want to throw the scale out women who fantasize about earning their perfect body by eating carbs and drinking wine while someone else does the dishes and cardio happens when you sleep. 

This is all about habits and it is hugely discounted for club members.

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