How to register

Easy two step process

Step One

Step 1

Click the login button and use the register link to create a KLP account

Step two

Step 1

You'll be redirected to the subscription page where you can join the club 

All journeys/projects are part of the Kickass Life Project Membership Club. Just $10/mnth and you can cancel anytime... 


* If viewing videos is an issue, spend time journaling about it then try turning your device sideways. PS - You might not need the journaling *

This is your pre-start crash course in knowing everything you need to know about being a Kickass Life Project member!

You MUST mark all the steps here as complete in order to access any other journeys in the KLP Club. Whether or not you actually read the content I will never know but it's probably a good idea 🙂

Starting on a journey without the right tools or any clue where you’re going and how you’ll get there might sounds like a blast, (or a nightmare), but I guarantee it sucks when it comes to trying to navigate around a website and nothing is working the way it should.

It’s kindof like being stuck in a ‘middle of nowhere’ mud swamp with no gas in the car and no cell service. Sure it might build character and help you discover resources you never knew you had but let’s save the ‘what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger’ shit for actual life and make navigating this website a walk in a park on a sunny day with your favourite four legged furball, shall we?

 You can come back to it anytime and you will find a lot of this info in other places as well…’cause I really want this to be a smooth journey for you 

Grab your backpack and let’s go…


Helpful Stuff

If you're ever stuck, these are your go-to places for help. 

The FB Fun Club is more for fun and support and guidance on life so join that, but don't go there for advice on member website stuff lol.

The FB Members Only group is where you'll find other members who know the website and the app and are on the same journeys as you.

And, of course, reach out to me whenever you need. Give me up to 24 hours before you decide I didn't get your email. I'm a one woman show 🙂

FB Fun Club

FB Members Only 

Contact Me

KLP Rules:

Email me if you are having any tech issues or have questions about anything Organic Fitness related. Use the FB group if you need some ideas, support, or motivation.

Explore and choose your own adventures. There are no wrong choices. Put judgement of yourself aside while you're here and approach everything with curiosity.

There are always new journeys being added. If there's something you'd like to see, please let me know. If you find any glitches, DEF let me know!

 KLP Projects

There are three clubs in the Kickass Life Project... Get Sassy, Get Sexy, and Get Strong.  Get Sassy Club has journeys related to mental well being. Get Sexy Club is just starting but has some fabulous links. Get Strong Club has journeys related to your physical well being.

a few of my favs...