stop rolling your eyes!

I know why you don't want to believe you are brave... it's because you're afraid. And I know that sounds backwards so stick with me...

Courage is doing something brave when everyone knows you're probably scared. Bravery is doing everyday things when no-one else knows how scared you are.

But you're seeing it as a weakness because you don't think you SHOULD be afraid.

Can I tell you something? You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you. As soon as that doesn't apply to you, you're brave. 

And it takes a level of strength I will be proud of you for whether you're ready to believe it or not.


Sexy is whatever you want it to be

OK, we're not gonna solve this in one pop up, but let's start here.

Every thought you have is just a story that may or may not be true. 

So, I hereby give you permission to make sexy mean any damn thing you want and I dare you to come up with a definition (right now) that I could say and you'd logically have to agree includes you. 

And if you're brave enough, email me the definition you come up with. I guarantee it will help someone else. 



What does FUK mean?

It is actually F.U.K. and it's my way of giving the finger to abuse. 

I've experienced sexual, physical, verbal, and emotional abuse. I'm kindof invested in helping other women recognize it, get out of it, and love themselves despite it. 

Listening to my body helped me survive and taught me how to get stronger and FUK reminds me of how far I've come.

You see, EVERY abusive man in my life had a name starting with 'K', so FU K is literally what it sounds like 🙂


the road to a kickass life...

is full of plot twists and detours! Lucky for you,  I have a map for overcoming bad shit so you can live your life in a body you love... with a mind that loves you.

You know it's true 'cause if I was trying to fool you with fairy tales, I'd have a white horse 😉

everyone has a story...

...and if you've found your way to this page, yours must be at a plot twist turning point.

Whether you're in yoga pants scrolling for willpower advice while eating chocolate or desperately hoping I know the rabbit hole that will lead you to the other side of those motivational quotes where you'll feel like the strong woman everyone thinks you are, I promise you this...

...there is a path out of the FUKedupness Swamp to Fit-and-Fierce-Ville

Grab your towel and let's go!

In case you missed it, I have now referenced three of the greatest adventure stories ever. There are more clues scattered sneakily through this page like little hitchhikers for you to pick up. Why? It's fun! 🙂

Anxiety, depression, mum-guilt, abuse, body shame, cramps, heartbreak ... you've learned to push past your feelings and do what needs to be done ... to stop listening to your body and just follow the fitness program ... to look like cinderella but act like wonder woman.

Can you say unFUKinghelpful?! 

BTW, I'm Kate

I help women reset and get back on track when life happens. Whether you feel blind-sided, side-swiped, or smacked upside the head by 'this is not the way it was supposed to go' events, I can guide you using a patented blend of fitness and counselling.

(OK, it's not patented but it is kickass!)

That's me...

the original Kickass Life Project pioneer

"I believe in being sassy, sexy, and strong so deep in your core that life can't shake it and your mind can't break it."

Hey, did I mention I'm also a hot mess club member ... 

You might be, too! Entry simply requires that you have managed to 

If that's you, welcome to the club! Yet somehow, despite it all, you've bravely landed on this page with a sliver of hope that things can get better. 

If any part of your brain just sneered at the word 'bravely', click here.

Spoiler Alert: i'm not perfect

I know... it shocked me, too

This is a chapter I like to call, 'Hmmm, that wasn't the best decision I ever made'.

It starts with my first venture into the hot mess club, which happened about 10 months after my divorce, when the meaning of ghosting, casual dating, and bad sex had been fully experienced. Over the next 10 months, I ugly cried - like fetal position on the floor sobbed - EVERY SINGLE DAY 

The crying stopped sometime in March and in case you're wondering, OMFG YES - that's called severe depression! I didn't know that though. I just thought I didn't know how to get over things.

I hid it from everyone 'cause I didn't want to look weak, and stumbled around trying to be a survivor because I had to be strong for my kids

I lived in the FUKedupness Swamp without any fricken clue where I was for years. I had these lovely excursions to happyville and peacefultown but always felt like I was sneaking out of bounds to be there and I couldn't let my guard down, or I'd get thrown out. 

Eventually, I returned to the hot mess club after rounding out the abuse history in my life with a good dose of narcissistic abuse. This time I partied it up by numbing the insane emotional pain with wine and pot. For three months, I was drunk or high EVERY SINGLE NIGHT so I could stop crying and fall asleep.

Turns out, that path isn't as fun as it sounds and I literally walked into a mental health clinic one day and told the receptionist, "I think I'm going crazy.

Cue the plot twist turning point

which led to SASSY SEXY STRONG and why you should listen to anything I have to say

Get Sassy

What does sassy mean to you? For me, it's the best part of my day NOT being that moment between asleep and awake when I'm still not quite aware of reality. It means my first thoughts of the day are tinged with excitement instead of heaviness.  
Since the turning point, I LOVE sharing my journey of healing with other women at places like Mountain Spirit Festival, Interior Wellness Festival, the online Women's Midlife Revolution telesummit, and the YMCA fitness retreat.

PS - That mental health stuff... it changed my story so much I went out and got a counselling diploma. That way, if you invite me to be part of your adventure, I'll have a good map for us to follow.

Get Sexy

Every woman deserves to feel sexy in her own skin. If ANY part of your brain cringed at the idea of putting 'you' and 'sexy' in the same sentence, click here.
I was recently filmed as a participant for OMGYES, a website dedicated to shattering the taboo surrounding women's sexual pleasure. It was an exhilarating impossibility drive moment in my journey of overcoming physical and sexual abuse and reclaiming my right to not only enjoy my body, but to choose what I wanted to do with it. 

Sexy is indefinable, but however it looks for you, and whatever boundaries you set, I will show you how to have a no blushing, honest exploration agreement with your body.

I've got a map for that .

Get Strong

Your brain LIES! Your body does not.
I am BCRPA certified in group fitness and personal training. I teach zumba, spin, bootcamp, the magic of foam rollering, blah-de-FUKing-blah.
What I actually do is show you how to design a fitness style that works with your body's natural hormonal cycle. Yes, that's a thing!! Whatever stage of life you're at, your body is desperately trying to talk to you, but you've never been taught the language. 

I have a map for that!

I will show you what your body needs and wants so that you always know the perfect workout to do and never have to force fitness against your will again.

It's time to make fit-and-fierce-ville your permanent residence 

Strong is not what your body looks like in a bikini. When you try, knowing you've tried before and failed, knowing failing again is possible, fearing everything about the feeling of failure, but trying anyway... that is bravery... that is STRENGTH. 

Here's the plan:

Switch to your left hand and slay your jabberwocky ... before Thursday!


Do something different to smash the stuff holding you back... and do it now!

**In case you missed it, I just referenced three of the greatest adventure stories ever.  Answers are coming soon**

In the Kickass Life Project, you are the pioneer explorer, rebel writer of your own epic adventure saga. YA, YOU ARE!!

If you're single against your will, lonely and doubting your heart will ever feel whole again, it's time for a kickass life adventure!

If you're trying to fill your days with busy to drown out the low-grade caged restlessness even though you 'should' be grateful for all you have, it's time to start a kickass life adventure!

If you want out of your own body 'cause no matter how much positive reinforcement you get, you just don't feel good about yourself, it's time for a kickass life adventure!

Your sassy sexy strong journey is happening right now! 

And omg I KNOW it feels like it's in a sucky place, but this is also the exciting, plot twist part of your story... you're the hero looking for a solution to your impossible situation and I promise, you can find it.

The story of you is EPIC; 

and I have the map you need to navigate it

PS ~ I promised to reveal my 3 fav adventures

plus the clues I dropped along the way

The Princess Bride

Secret #1

Hints: fairy tale, white horses, weirdly named swamps, switching to your left hand

Alice in Wonderland

Secret #2

Hints: rabbit hole, drowning in your own tears, the queen, slaying the jabberwocky

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Secret #3

Hints: towels, hitchhikers, impossibility drive, Thursdays being a day to avoid

These are all ridiculously silly stories with beautifully flawed and strong women, and full of impossible imaginings you can believe in... which basically sums up my life... and maybe yours.

PS - if you haven't seen these movies, go watch them so my clues make sense... and so you know that all epic adventures need quirky sidekick characters in them... like ME!!

fitness + mental health + quirky AF = 

fitness + mental health + quirky AF = me

Kate or Kat?

Step 1

The name on my business card is Kate, but my friends call me Kat. There's other names, too. You'll see both scattered around my site.

My Strong Sexy Body

Step 1

I'm a candy loving personal trainer who has just as much trouble as you getting motivated to do burpees. I was the first (and to date) only Canadian participant of OMGYES

Quirky AF

Step 3

I can't stand my pinky fingers touching the others so I look incredibly British when I drink tea. I know... weird, right? PS - I was born in England so maybe it's inherited.

Whinney the Pooh

Step 3

I did not name her, but I think it's a brilliant name for a horse. (And another epic adventure story) She's my mental health on four legs and she likes to make guest appearances round my site and social media.

My Sassy Mind

Step 2

I'm a counsellor with an OCD thing about bra's and panties matching. Proud to be a self-taught extrovert but I'm still passionate about my introvert self. 

Some WTF Stuff

Step 3

I have a long track record of living with abuse and I'm allergic to coffee and chocolate - not sure which to feel worse about for me, are you?!  

My kryptonite

talking on the phone, spiders, and a fear of being chased by bears while trail running

My superpower

one leg pistol squats and procrastinating in the face of deadlines better than a stoned teenager with exams

my 'I'll drink to that' thought

You can't delete your mistakes without erasing yourself. Learn, grow, be kickass.

Now you know all about me, and as Whinney the Pooh would say, "It's time to put on your big boots because an adventure is going to happen." 

This is YOUR beautiful, messed up, unique, epic, unexpected, sassy, sexy, strong story... let's plot twist, the FUK out of it!