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A wise woman once said, "FUK this shit" ...and lived happily ever after.

My kryptonite

talking on the phone, spiders, and a fear of being chased by bears while trail running

My superpower

one leg pistol squats and procrastinating in the face of deadlines better than a stoned teenager with exams

my 'I'll drink to that' thought

You can't delete your mistakes without erasing yourself. Learn, grow, be kickass.

Hi, I'm Kate <3

The good - I love being strong so I can explore the world under my own steam, I cheat with candy, and I think my up grown children are the coolest people I know. 

The bad - I have a long track record of abuse, and I am allergic to chocolate and coffee... you're not sure which to feel worse about for me, are you? 😉

The ugly - I am a recovering grammar police addict, I toot when I run, and have an OCD thing about bra and panties matching. 

The truth - I'm a 40 something woman striving to balance it all and sharing what I learn along the way with all the silly hat wearing, bff loving, 'take a deep breath and do it anyway' women who fall into bed each night with stories to tell and a desire to wake up with feet itching to start the kickass shoes. 

Horn Tooting

...or why you should listen to anything I have to say

Get Sassy

I have been privileged to be a presenter for Mountain Spirit Festival in Sun Peaks, Interior Wellness Festival in Kamloops, the online Women's Midlife Revolution telesummit, and the YMCA fitness retreat to name a few.  Teaching workshops and babbling are my new favourite things. Would love to see you out in the crowd someday! Or book me to speak at your next event designed to empower women. PS - Counselling services are coming soon.

Get Sexy

Every woman deserves to feel sexy in her own skin

I was recently filmed as a participant for season two of, a website dedicated to shattering the taboo surrounding women's sexual pleasure. It was truly an exhilarating experience and I cannot say enough fabulous things about the people creating the site. I have no affiliate gains to be made from them but I highly recommend checking it out.

Get Strong

I am BCRPA certified in group fitness and personal training. I teach zumba, spin, bootcamp, the magic of foam rollering, and I specialize in helping women design fitness programs that work with their body's natural cycles. Yes, that's a thing!! Organic Fitness
To me, fitness is about what your body can do, (not what it looks like in a bikini), BUT... strong is about more than your body. Anxiety, depression, abuse, mum-guilt, body shame, heartbreak... a lot of what I teach has nothing to do with push ups or protein powder and everything to do with internal balance.

I believe...

when a person tries ... knowing they could do everything right and still not get the results they want ... knowing they've tried before and failed ... knowing they are terrified of letting themselves down again ... but they try anyway ... that is faith, that is power, that is bravery, that is 


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