Objective: All highly successful people are great learners. They take time to read books, attend seminars, watch documentaries and so on. The immerse themselves in the topics that are of the utmost importance in their lives. As a result, they are able to make better decisions and tap into more creative ideas.

In month eight, you are going to focus your goal setting and goal achieving activities towards “mental goals”. This means that you are going to take time to really immerse yourself in learning and gain new knowledge that will very likely change your life forever.

Work Breakdown: You are going to choose 4 major topics that are important in your life and spend 1 week per topic, learning as much as possible about it.

You might choose 4 topics that deal with one specific area of goal setting (for example, health and fitness) or you might choose 1 topic from 4 different areas of your life that you deem important (for example, strength training, public speaking, parenting tips and stock investing).

Learn all about your deepest desires each week (or at least more about your goals)

Printable tracking sheet for all that fun learning you’re gonna do