YOU are the case study !

The reason I am offering this huge discount on such an amazing program (besides that it's New Year and I'm super nice) is that I need case studies for Organic Fitness.

Hopefully you've checked out Organic Fitness?

It's fitness designed around the hormonal cycle that a woman goes through each month. I have used this method for 15 years but I need other women to go through the coaching.

You get to test everything out at a massive discount, and in return, I get the thrill of helping you on your fitness journey and a way to help more women feel confident choosing Organic Fitness.

Imagine your success story right here inspiring others!! 


Kickass Life Project

Get Sassy. Get Sexy. Get Strong.

Kickoff 2020 Kickass Life Style

I'm looking for 5 women, between the ages of 18-50, to try out a custom designed, fully coached and guided, 60 day fitness and nutrition plan, guaranteed to help YOU gain new levels of SASSY, SEXY, and STRONG... even if you hate kale and dread burpees.  

Ya you are!!  

Timer has expired!

Let's not waste the motivation you're feeling at the start of a New Year and the chance to clean slate it all ... excited at the prospect of 365 days to transform your lifestyle ... inspired by the vision of what you will have accomplished one year from now.

Or maybe you're feeling dread at idea of starting out strong but then falling back into your old ways ... the guilt, the shame, the frustration ... wanting the end of 2020 to be full of reason to celebrate but worried it will just be another disappointment .

Either way, I'd like to offer you a 60 day kickstart that will set you up for success, give you tools you can use all year, and build your confidence so that when you've reached your first fitness goal, you'll dream even bigger for the next.

I will set you up with a customized journey through the KLP CLUB including daily motivational in-app messages. Other add ons might include body image boosting, regret proofing your decisions, or reframing negative thought patterns.

You'll earn your Organic Fitness certificate by going through the learning management system that sets everything out in an easy to use platform that you can refer back to anytime.

Full access to the KLP training app. This is where you'll find all your exercise programs, your food journal, your daily wellness schedule and your direct-to-me messaging centre. You can even upload progress photos and connect My Fitness Pal 

We'll navigate you through your best nutrition path to support your fitness goals. I use Precision Nutrition Macro Ninja techniques to decipher the chaos of the nutrition world for you.

Here's the nitty gritty. 

Organic Fitness is fitness training designed around the natural hormonal rhythms of a woman's body. 

Did you know that at certain times of the month your body is primed for different types of exercise and nutrition... and all those times you've felt like you were doing something wrong because you followed the program, felt great, and then suddenly you felt weak and backwards, your body was simply going through it's cycle?

Did you know that if you workout and eat based on where you are in your cycle, you will not only get results, you'll feel better doing it and be able to stick with it?

I'm offering 5 women a chance to work one on one with me using Organic Fitness methods at a whopping 70% discount.

This is a good fit for you if: 

* you are biologically female

* you are still experiencing a regular menstrual cycle

* you have fitness goals you'd like help achieving

* you are not using birth control that manipulates your hormones

* you are not pregnant or nursing

* you are willing to commit to a 60 day fitness and nutrition program

* you are willing to track your results and share your experience

* you are comfortable using online programs and apps

BTW, if you are not a fit for this program, Organic Fitness will still work for you! First and foremost, it is about listening to your body. You can access all the Organic Fitness training and workouts as a Kickass Life Project member for only $10/mnth. 

But I know some of you are reading this and thinking, YES, THAT IS ME! 

If you're ready to apply, we will be starting February 1. Please give me the chance to learn more about your situation and see how I can best help guide you toward your goals. There is zero obligation or pressure. 

You've already completed a big step by getting to this page. Congratulations on looking into your health improvement options!

Your next step is submitting an application form. You can do it!

Almost forgot. I bet you're wanting to know how great this deal actually is. Ongoing training is normally priced at $75/wk, but for the first 5 who join the New Year special, you get two months at $25/wk. That is 70% off

The catch? You must stick with me for the full 60 days and it must be paid upfront as a commitment offering. However, you will have a 14 day refund period. How does that sound?

Organic Fitness Options

KLP Club


The KLP Club includes everything from fitness to mental health.

Honestly there's just a shit ton of nutritional, fitness, and mental health must knows.

Single Session Personal Training


You'll be able to follow the workout progressions given for 4-6 weeks.

Great for those looking to freshen things up or anyone who is self-motivated but wants a well designed starting place or refresher.

Follow up sessions:

 10 pack @ $50/session

5 pack @ $60/session

Kickass Life Project New Year Special

$199 one time payment

You will have 14 days to decide if you want to continue for the full 60 days. If you decide this isn't for you within that 14 day trial, I will happily refund you. 

Certified Personal Trainer 

MacroNinja Coach

Everyone has their own journey to navigate. I would be honoured if you chose me to help guide you on your 2020 path. Let me know if you have any questions about anything or need more info to decide what is best for you. Contact me here.

© Kickass Life Project. All Rights Reserved.

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