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With access the KLP Club, you'll be able to explore Organic Fitness - fitness designed around the natural rhythms of a women's body.

There are lots of journeys in the club that will help you develop your sassy, sexy, strong self but there is NO WAY I could do anything on the epic scale that omgyes have done when it comes to the sexy side of you.

I don't even care when you purchased omgyes (it could have been yesterday or two years ago. Just show me you're a member and I'll give you a month in the Kickass Life Project Club.    



Season two of omgyes is live... and it is mind blowing, eye opening, raw, honest, classy, sexy, vulnerable, fascinating, informative and I am beyond honoured to be a part of this innovative project designed to empower women to explore their bodies in ways that haven't been openly talked about before. 

And PS - I also have the honour of being the first (and to date) only Canadian participant.

If you've never heard of omgyes, it is a website dedicated to (and I'm quoting them), "smashing the taboo around women's sexual pleasure". And what I can tell you for sure, is that when you listen to the women on the site, you will not only learn new things, you will feel a sense of connection every time you hear someone talk about something you've experienced but thought you were the only one, and you will feel proud to live in the exquisite creation that is the female body.

When I watched Season Two, I was stunned by the number of times I heard women I've never met or talked to saying the same things as me in different words or explaining something I'd experienced but didn't fully understand... and now I have a roadmap to explore it better!

As with Season One, I was so impressed with the science they provide behind the personal experiences so you can truly understand what is happening in your body and why it happens and most importantly (to me), why it's ok that your body doesn't work the same way as the porn star actors body does. This is real life women and real life science coming together to demystify and de-stigmatize ... and it is beautiful.


My mission with the Kickass Life Project is for women to unleash their SASSY, their SEXY, and their STRONG. I believe all three of those things are interconnected and omgyes captures that sentiment brilliantly... so what better way to celebrate season two than by staying connected with the Kickass Life Project. 

OK... so... want to hear about my journey to working with omgyes?

About three years ago, I saw an ad for omgyes on FB and I clicked through and I was soooo intrigued. I made myself a deal that when I reached a goal I'd be working on (I can't even remember the goal) I would reward myself by purchasing omgyes. 

I was motivated, I reached the goal, I bought my access to the member area of omgyes. I think I cried. In fact, I have a friend who texted me after she had watched a segment of season two saying she was in tears because of the things one woman had said that so deeply resonated and validated things she had experienced. 

I became a huge fan of the site but I'm not always the most aware person (ask anyone who driven beside me honking and I don't notice them lol), so it was actually my daughter who messaged me and said, "Mum! Omgyes is looking for participants for season two and they want women who are 40 or older. You should apply."

It's important to note that at this time, I was in counselling and healing from various abusive relationships that I'd never told anyone about, and the idea of being a part of such an empowering website felt like the biggest stand I could make for myself to reclaim power over my body and my sexuality.

It's interesting because during filming, omgyes asked me why I chose to participate and gave them some babbling fluff answer but the real reason is that it was an expression of a belief I was just starting to accept ... that my body belongs to me and what I want to do with my body is 100% up to me.

Check out my Sassy Blog for more on abuse healing.

So I applied...

It was just an online form. And I figured that would be it. Good for me for applying. Except they responded and said, "Hey, we'd love to chat. Can you do a skype meeting?" So I met with a wonderful women who did like a pre-interview call with me to confirm I was who I said I was and then she sent me a much more detailed application. Filling that out was soooo much fun. 

And I figured that would be it. I was keeping my friends in the loop and we are all excited but I kept doing the equivalent of "It's just an honour to be nominated".

Except they replied and said, "Hey, we'd like the rest of the staff to meet you. Can you do another skype call?" 

Well, duh and omgyes!

I laughed so much during that call. The whole crew is just so frickin easy to talk to and there we were swapping stories about things most people never talk about after knowing each other for 5 minutes.

And I figured that would be the end of it. But I will admit, I was starting to think maybe there was a chance I'd be selected....

Which is when I realized my passport was expired.

So in a wildly optimistic move, I started the process of renewing my passport (thinking even if this does happen, it won't be for months yet). 

Obviously they called the next day and said, "Hey. We want you to come to San Fransisco for filming. Does 2 weeks from now work?"

"Ummmm shit." 

So we pushed the date back a bit but my passport was still not guaranteed to be ready in time. There were so many hoops I jumped through in order to get that passport I should be given an honourary gymnast award. Seriously, it was chaos. And the omgyes staff were over the top accommodating with flight dates and changing arrangements to make it work. I don't know if I've ever felt so wanted!

I got the passport the day before I was supposed to leave and after one more rearrangement of flights, I was off. I was nothing but excited.

I love traveling but so far haven't had done anywhere near enough so this was an epic adventure. 

I got to San Fransisco, I got an uber (now that sounds simple but I had NEVER used an uber before so I had to download the app and figure it all out and it did occur to me as I was getting in to the uber car to go to the hotel that I had no idea how safe ubers were - spoiler alert - all my uber experiences were great), I got to the hotel, I found a place for dinner, I texted my omgyes contact and said I had arrived and she gave me an address for the shoot.

I had to be there at 7am for hair and makeup. It was only as I got out of my early morning uber and the car took off that I realized I was standing in a street in San Fransisco and I couldn't really see which place I was supposed to be going to and omg was this safe?

I was contemplating mild panic when a lovely lady appeared and said, "Hi! It's so great to meet you in person. Come in." So I followed her in and yes, there was another moment of thinking wtf am doing??

But then someone gave me a cup of tea and I sat for an hour sipping my tea while this fascinating woman did my hair and makeup and chatted with me about life and made me feel like a rockstar.

12 hours of filming...

 So first of all, when you see my segments in Season Two, you will notice they are about a minute or so long. In total, there is less than ten minutes of footage from me. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the amount of work goes into putting together this site that flows so naturally through all the topics. 

The second thing should know is we did have breaks! 

The third thing you should know is that there were at least 7 people in the room at all times and I don't know how many cameras. 

The fourth thing you should know is seeing yourself on film like that is worse than when you hear your own voice played back to you! 

But I'm mostly over that now. And it was super fun having my own personal hair and make up person who would tell them to stop filming so she could get lint of my shirt or touch up my make up. 

Now you might think 7 people watching you as you're being interviewed would be intimidating but these people are pros. They made me feel so at ease, we laughed, we had quite a few giggle fits or whoopses that I knew would never make it to the website (I think they should do a blooper reel personally) and I honestly don't know that I've ever done anything that felt so worthwhile and valuable.

The idea that something I said might be the reason another woman cried because she felt understood or validated or inspired or braver than she was yesterday... I can't even explain how humbled that makes me feel.  

I believe omgyes is beyond important to the sexual health of women - AND men and couples, too! If you're not a woman this site is unbelievably useful in figuring out what women want!!

So that's the story

I had a half day to explore San Fransisco, and I came home from that journey having done more for my healing process than I could have imagined. I came back believing in myself more, in my value as a human being, in my willingness to be an adventurer. It was, and will continue to be, one of the highlights of my life.

Are you an adventurer in your own life? Do you want to be?

Season Two OMGYES Topics

Shallowing ---> One of my absolute FAV things to play with. It's all about stimulating those many many nerve endings around the vulva or entrance to the vagina

Pairing ---> Putting two fabulous things together to create a 3-D version. Clitoral stimulation + Penetration = BOOM!

Staying In ---> Who knew staying still during sex could be sooooo much fun

Broadening ---> Using broader strokes and grinding to enhance pleasure

Flexing ---> Muscles aren't just for the gym. Flexing your vaginal muscles has many benefits...including stimulating an orgasm to happen.

G-Regions ---> Ummmm, ya... it's more than just one spot. It's in a different place for each woman and it can move!

Angling ---> Math finally comes in handy in the real world lol. Moving your hips to create new sensations can be game changing.

Renewing ---> Recreating the thrill of the first touch over and over within the same session

Booty ---> Anal play has such a bad rap but listen to what these women have to say about it and you might think differently.

Squirting ---> Insider tips on how to experience it and how to feel comfortable with it and how to be ok with NOT doing it.

Adding ---> Extra stretch and fullness can be achieved in lots of different ways and it is worth exploring!