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Organic Fitness by Kate

How to workout like a woman


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What every woman should know about her body

My Proven Method for Fitness Harmony

Step 1

Science has known that women's bodies work differently than men's for years, but this is the first time in history that we are applying that knowledge to fitness 

The Easy Way to Use This in Your Life

Step 1

If you struggle with feeling successful and getting beyond body image, Organic Fitness will turn things around almost like magic

The Exact Copy and Paste Template You Need

Step 1

If you are not sure how to train with this method, don't sweat it! I'll give you the exact workouts you need every month plus a schedule to follow.

 About Kate

I am a Kickass Life enabler, a candy loving personal trainer, a self-taught extrovert who loves to read and write and has an OCD thing about matching bra's and panties. 

I've been teaching fitness for the past 10 years and am currently finishing a counselling diploma specializing in guiding women who've experienced abuse to live kickass lives. 

Organic Fitness is a way to not only get in tune with your body but to heal the #metoo in all of or lives. Stick with me and I'll show you how. This is a fitness system designed to celebrate the female body so you can maximize your progress and your pleasure. Remember... life is a one time offer... KICKASS!

Things on the other side of the click

Warning... you may feel the need to tell every woman you know about this

how each phase of a cycle changes things

alternatives for those who aren't cycling

how to use this information effectively

Every woman Needs to know about Organic Fitness

If you have a vagina, you need to know about this... even if you're not having a monthly cycle anymore

Did you know...

Step 1 certain times of the month, you are physiologically up to 11% stronger!

Did you know...

Step 1 certain times of the month your metabolism will literally be 7-8% higher than normal!

Did you know...

Step 1 different times of the month, your body will use different fuel systems for energy!

 Why it works

This is a fitness system designed to flow with the natural rhythms of a woman. A female body makes beautiful shifts throughout her cycle and throughout her life. Let me share how you can empower yourself so that you never have to beat, twist, shove, or force your body into someone else's version of fitness again. 

Learn to listen to your body, map your cycle, (even if you are no longer menstruating), and move in tune with your body. Each phase of your cycle has strengths that physically change what your body is capable of and you can utilize that IF you know what is happening. 

PS - I have no idea why the top of my head is cut off in the video. It's slightly distracting so try not to look directly at it lol. I've never claimed to be tech savvy but I know my fitness stuff!

When you learn to listen to your body, it tells you everything you need to be successful

The Revolution of Fitness for Women

imagine dramatic music booming as you read that 🙂

Who should do Organic Fitness?

Women. Period. Kickass Life Project firmly believes in everyone having choices and freedom to design their own life so whatever form of fitness you do, make sure it works for your body AND your mind. The beautiful thing about Organic Fitness is that the principles of it can be applied to virtually any style of workout you do. 

Depending on your stage of life or your lifestyle, you may follow slightly different principles within the Organic Fitness method. If you are menstruating, you will use your monthly hormonal cycle as your guide. If you are on birth control or post menopausal, you will use the moon as your starting point and track from there.

And disclaimer: while men won't follow a hormonal cycle the same as a woman, there is nothing to stop men from learning to listen to their bodies!

How is it different if I'm on birth control?

Birth control will manipulate your hormonal cycle from it's natural rhythms so the phases of your cycle that we talk about in Organic Fitness may not apply. I strongly encourage you to understand and know what is happening with your body and would recommend asking your doctor exactly how and when your birth control changes your hormones. If you have that information, you can still apply Organic Fitness principles but the timing may be different.

What if I no longer have a menstrual cycle?

No worries! As a female, your body has been following a cycle for most of your life. Women's bodies are intuitively connected to rhythms and patterns and back in the day, women's bodies cycled in time with the moon. If you are in menopause or post menopausal, your body and mind will naturally start to follow the moon again. (If you think the moon has no effect on us, talk to a teacher or ER attendant during a full moon lol)

Whether you are menstruating or not, a big part of Organic Fitness is tracking. It becomes even more important now that you're older and wiser because you won't have the same physical reminders of where you are in your cycle. I will teach you how to use the moon as your starting point and you will find your own rhythm to follow. 

Organic Fitness is all about becoming more connected to your body, learning to listen to it, and most importantly discovering how to hear those messages and work in harmony with wherever you're body is at.

Why Organic Fitness is recommended for women who have experienced abuse

I need to be clear...there have been no studies done on this. I am speaking from my fitness and counselling training and from my own personal experience. When people experience abuse, their brains change and become incredibly hostile places. They develop coping strategies in order to survive. One of those coping strategies can be to disassociate from emotional and physical literally ignore signals, messages, thoughts, and emotions and to actually rewire thought patterns so that something horrible can become acceptable. 

Very often in the fitness world we are told to push through the pain and we are told to follow the scheduled program if we want to 'succeed' (and remember this is a fitness program based on a man's body). Is that sounding familiar? Ignore what's actually going on and force your body to do what someone else is telling you it 'should' do. This isn't great for any woman but it is especially damaging to someone who has already learned to stop listening to themselves. 

Organic Fitness literally teaches you how to reconnect with your body so that you are able to build trust again. Trust between you and your own body can be an incredibly powerful and healing thing. It's not just about learning to trust what you are capable of, but learning to trust your inner voice and most importantly, learning to trust that you can get stronger. And maybe if you can learn to trust yourself again, you can open the door to trusting others. 

This may sound like a massive claim - that a fitness system can help heal someone from abuse - but there are studies proving that building up your body is one of the most empowering, confidence building tools any woman can experience. Organic Fitness simply adds another layer to fitness which requires women to tune into themselves in a non-threatening way and opens the door to further healing down the road.

I am passionate about this method of approaching fitness because at a time when I could not believe anything my brain told me, my body kept telling me the truth. If I listened, it told me exactly what I needed. But to hear it, I had to ignore my brain. I had to trust that my body knew best and when I did that, the negativity in my mind got quieter... sometimes it felt like the only thing I had control over. 

If I had been just blindly following a fitness program designed without regard to how a women's body actually works, and forcing myself to do the prescribed workouts on the prescribed days no matter how I felt, I would have been training myself to accept one more thing without question and cementing the belief that I didn't have a choice. Believing you have a choice is a good thing... having the strength and courage to make a different choice is an incredible thing... believing you deserve the right to make your choices and are capable of more than you were yesterday... that is truly priceless. 

And yes, Organic Fitness  gave me that and was the foundation for finding strength for my own healing journey. 

Why have I never heard of this before?

Right?! It's not like women's bodies a new thing on the planet, lol. The truth is that the premise of Organic Fitness and women using their cycle to their advantage when working out is not new. Top athletes have used birth control to manipulate their cycles so that they are 'peaking' during competition for years and it makes enough of a difference that there is controversy over whether this is a form of doping. 

The problem is simply that when organized fitness  and competition came into fashion, women were not part of that equation... it was unladylike to sweat. People learned about resistance training and progressions and deloading and nutrition at a time when men did these things and women did not. So men's bodies were studied. When women started to join the fitness world, no-one, including women, thought to adjust anything (a body is a body, right?). 

To this day, most studies about the role nutrition plays in fitness and how muscle gains are built, are based on a male body. There are many little things in the fitness world that have never looked at how a woman's body differs and may adapt better with reconsidered tools and methods. 

Why have you never heard of this before? Simply because it is only starting to be considered and talked about. Not because anyone was trying to hold us back as women, but because as human's, we have a tendency to stop questioning things. 

Now that we know better, we can do better!

Ready to know more about working out like a woman?

Connect with me and I'll send you an Organic Fitness blueprint that you can use to plot an entire month of Organic Fitness friendly workouts.

I'll also send you a link to my Strong Survival Guide Journey where you can explore an in-depth adventure into fitness and nutrition at your own pace. 

This could be the beginning of rewriting your entire relationship with your body ... even if you hate kale, motivational quotes, and burpees! 

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