A choose your own adventure interactive video for getting the most out of your CARE package

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date yourself journey

This is for you if you want quick and easy tips on finding that fantastic woman buried under the 'life crap that happens' burden

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your mental health story

I believe you CAN be sassy, sexy, and strong soooo deep in your core that life can't shake it and your mind can't break it. Imagine if there was a way to tame fukedupness and let self-love run free...

fun detour! free stuff tangent

Fierce, fun, fit, & flirty in under 5 minutes a day PLUS my 5 solo dates EVERY woman needs to take so she can feel like she's putting herself first.

Do you know the semi-colon story?

A semi-colon is used when an author could have ended their sentence, but chose not to. 

You are the author and the sentence is your life.

I'm 100% aware of the irony of that making it sound like life is a prison sentence! I promise, it's not!

There's a reason the KLP logo has a semi-colon in it.

this is the start of your klp story

where it goes next is up to you

Write your own story... Sassy Survival Guide

I honestly believe that one day your story will be someone else's survival guide. Start your owner's manual today with this free KLP journey.

Guaranteed life is going to buck you off sometimes. Create your 'get back in the saddle' guide here. 

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Victim is not a dirty word

Do you feel like you don't really have anything to complain about but still can't shake the restless, unsatisfied with life vibe?

Want a RAW, unprofessional truth bomb? You can't drink, smoke, fuk, or snort your way past the pain... but sometimes you're gonna try.

I have a theory about why people have trouble healing from past wounds AND a way we can change the world with our words.

At the very least, we can change your view of your own world... and in my world, that's everything!

PS - I care because I've lived it

Live in a body you love, with a mind that loves you

I believe your mind and your body come as a package deal...so it makes no sense to try and 'fix' one without addressing the other.

The Sassy Sexy Strong Journey is being created as we speak. It will include a fitness program designed for a woman's body, lifestyle habits that make all the difference, plus self-help guidance to turn mental scabs that fester into scars we can live with.

Solo & guided journeys will be available. Stay connected

You're still on...keep riding

Remember to check out the 5 day KLP DATE YOURSELF journey for women who'd rather be wonder woman than cinderella

Get Sassy. Get Sexy. Get Strong.