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Kickass life project

Sassy Survival Guide

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About Kate

your kickass guide

I'm a kickass life enabler, a candy eating personal trainer, a self-taught extrovert, and a woman in love with the little things that empower us to be our best. My bucket list gets bigger no matter how many things I tick off and I have a dream to one day say something so profound that it becomes a quote on pinterest. 

Want More? 

Imagine not wondering if your feel good gene is broken and willpower is a unicorn dream you'll never catch. 

Become a Kickass Life Project Club member and I'll give you secrets that go waaaay beyond rah rah motivation crap so you can make this life thing work ... 

even if you hate exercise, kale, and optimistic quotes.

If you liked the Sassy Survival Guide, I suggest trying the 14 day Reinvent Yourself project. It's part of the KLP Club.

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