Objective: The first month is all about self discovery. So many people have lost touch with their true wants in life. Your wants tell you more about yourself than anything else. You now have permission to acknowledge what you WANT in life!

As you complete the exercises that are laid out in month 1, you are going to recognize something powerful. You have connected with the TRUE YOU!

You are going to invest time every day this month into thinking about all of the things that are most important to you.

Work Breakdown: Each month we are going to break down into 4 weeks. While each month actually has more than 4 weeks in it (other than February), this is a system that uses a 5-day weekly approach. Make sure you can fit in the work appropriately

Write 10 goals per day for your 100 goals list and 1 passion a day for your 10 passions list

A printable tracking sheet for listing your 100 goals

A printable tracking sheet for listing your 10 passions list