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Over twenty at home workouts that will shake up your indoor routine and encourage you to get outside as well. This is a stand alone ebook that you can grab and strike out on your own if that's what you choose. 


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This is for you if you want quick and easy tips on finding that fantastic woman buried under the 'life crap that happens' burden

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"If I get in better shape, I'll have more confidence about my body, and then my sex life will improve." ~ heard by me from sooo many women

Good news... you can start enjoying your body today 

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Fierce, fun, fit, & flirty in under 5 minutes a day PLUS my 5 solo dates EVERY woman needs to take so she can feel like she's putting herself first.

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OMGYES is a mind blowing site that merges real life science-backed research with real life human experiences to open up the conversation around women's sexual pleasure. 

I am so proud to be the first (and to date) only Canadian participant in this trail blazing adventure that is the roadmap you never knew you needed for exploring your body. 

I am not an affiliate of OMGYES - just a huge fan

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I'm sooooooo close... Sexy Survival Guide

The sassy survival guide is all about mindset, the strong survival guide is all about fitness, and the sexy survival guide is all about pleasure. 

I'm not an expert, I'm just not shy about sharing what I've learned. Want to know when it's ready? Stay connected...

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Remember to check out the 5 day KLP DATE YOURSELF journey for women who'd rather be wonder woman than cinderella

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