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Sexy Slim Down is not included in KLP Club... but members get a big discount 🙂

Instructions for non members. If you are already a KLP member, or you want to pay full price, scroll down

Step One

Step 1

Click the login button and use the register link to create a KLP account

Step two

Step 1

You'll be redirected to the subscription page where you can join the club 

You will have to be a paid member fo the KLP Club to get the discount so follow the above steps to join the club first. After paying for the club, you will be given the option to purchase Sexy Slim Down at a discount. If you are already a KLP club member, use the link below. 

Use your KLP Club member coupon code for the discount.

Sexy Slim Down Investment

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This is a choose your own adventure site so please do what works for you.

Step one: Use the log in link to register (free)

Step two: On the success page, choose Sexy Slim Down to go straight to the payment cart.

Member Price


* KLP membership is currently $10/mnth and you can cancel anytime

Step one: Use the log in link to register (free)

Step two: On the success page, choose KLP Club to become a member. After paying, you will be given the option to purchase Sexy Slim Down at a discount.


* If viewing videos is an issue, spend time journaling about it then try turning your device sideways. PS - You might not need the journaling *

30 workouts in 30 days... then repeat!

You are about to embark on two 30 day adventures. Each day will throw a new 20 minute workout at you. Each workout will be fresh and exciting. Some will be challenging, some will be easy.

You do not have to be perfect! There will be days that go off the rails and that is ok. 

I highly recommend using the training app for this journey. Not only will you get the workouts sent to your training schedule on the day they are assigned, you will get in app reminders and emails to keep you focused. Otherwise, it is all on you to log in here and find the workout for the day.

Plus, you can track your workouts on the app and have the satisfaction of ticking them off as complete. You can add notes to your schedule to record how you felt after each workout.


When things go off the rails, (and they will),  here's some options for getting caught up. PS - there will be a one week gap between Season One and Season Two.

  Catch up with two workouts in one day (whaaaaaat?!)

Exchange a missed workout for a workout you look at and decide is not for you

 Do missed workouts at the end of the 30 days (that's why the gap)

Sexy Slim Down Rules:

Email me if you are having any tech issues or have questions about anything Organic Fitness related. Use the FB group if you need some ideas, support, or motivation.

Don't panic when you can't see Season Two right away. It will magically appear when your first 30 days are done 🙂

Listen to your body! Puking, fainting, dizziness, shooting pains, or not being able to maintain proper form are all signs you need to stop or modify.

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