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turn your jiggly wiggly beach walk of shame into a sexy AF strut...OR start pulling out the bulky winter sweaters…AGAIN

Join me for 30 workouts in 30 days

get your workouts done in 20 minutes

Step 1

ummmm .... ya, YOU can

stick with it despite life crap happening

Step 1

ummmm ... ya, you CAN

you... stronger and fitter in just 30 days

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ummmm .... YA, you can

 About Kate

I am a Kickass Life enabler, a candy loving personal trainer, a self-taught extrovert who loves to read and write and has an OCD thing about matching bra's and panties. 

I've been teaching fitness for the past 10 years and am currently finishing a counselling diploma specializing in guiding women who've experienced abuse to live kickass lives. 

Yes, I'll be guiding you along every step of the way.

Please, for fuk's sake...let's start focusing on what our bodies can  do instead of what they look like! Your body is more amazing than you know!

 And yes, anyone can do this. If you're already fit, this is my challenge to you! If you're just starting out, this is the best place to start.

forget weight loss 

what if we focus on these things instead?

hitting your fitness goals... yeah baby!

finding time for fitness in your busy life... hell ya!

feeling healthier and stronger... frickin' priceless!


Step 1

 rocking a bathing suit without fear even if you don’t have a 'perfect' body.


Step 1

the confidence that comes from feeling strong and knowing the path you're on is working.


Step 1

all your excuses swept aside cause you can do these workouts anywhere

 What people are saying...

I know you're ready to join, but wait!

try a sample first 🙂


Time: 18 Minutes
Equipment: kettlebell

Round 1: Complete 100 reps of the first 5 exercises. Split up the reps into rounds. You might do 20 of each for round one or 10 or 30. You might do 10 of one and 20 of another in a round. It’s up to you how you split up the reps. BUT, at the end of each round, you must complete 1 minute of weighted sprints.

  1. Hop overs
  2. 180’s
  3. Hop around right leg
  4. Hop around left leg
  5. Speeding burpee (50 for beginners)
  6. Weighted sprint

Finisher: Choose 1 exercise from the list above to complete for 4 minutes. (40 work, 20 rest).

KLP Club and Sexy Slim Down are free for one month! FUK Coronavirus 🙂
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