A choose your own adventure interactive video for getting the most out of your CARE package

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Over twenty at home workouts that will shake up your indoor routine and encourage you to get outside as well. This is a stand alone ebook that you can grab and strike out on your own if that's what you choose. 


date yourself journey

This is for you if you want quick and easy tips on finding that fantastic woman buried under the 'life crap that happens' burden

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your epic adventure

There are literally 1000's of fitness trainers and 100's of fitness modalities to choose from. Unfortunately, most of them have not figured out that a woman's body is different than a man's body.

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Fierce, fun, fit, & flirty in under 5 minutes a day PLUS my 5 solo dates EVERY woman needs to take so she can feel like she's putting herself first.

Are you ready to trust your body?

I know you've taken first steps with fitness too many times to get excited up about it anymore... but I promise ... I'm about to 180 everything you know about fitness plus turn it upside down and inside out. 

Your body has all the answers if you learn how to understand the language it is speaking. Honestly. 

And yes I know how hokey and woowoo that sounds 🙂

My fav trainer line: Your brain lies; your body does not.

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use at your own risk... Strong Survival Guide

There are many paths to your destination. Some will be easier than others. I'm offering my services as your  guide if you want to climb a few mountains together.

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Life is a one time offer...KICK ASS !

How to workout like a woman

What if there was a way you could work with the natural hormonal rhythms of your body so that fitness felt good?

What if you knew how to maximize the different seasons of your cycle so that you got better results with less effort?

If you want to learn how to listen to your body & actually understand what it needs, Organic Fitness is for you.

Just ONE of the ways I will redefine fitness for you

Lose weight without losing a drop of sweat

This is the healthy habits club for burned out, stressed out women who want to feel better and gain energy even if burpees are the devil and kale is not an option.

Now don't get me wrong... you CAN exercise while being a part of this program but you don't HAVE to. 

F.U.K. Fitness is the foundational habits of any lasting lifestyle change for those starting out and the missing piece for those who just aren't getting results.

Solo and guided journeys available

Online is the new ...not online lol

KLP online training is not just one on one guidance; it is a personalized journey to explore with GPS navigation

Stuck at home doesn't mean you're on your own

Remember to check out the 5 day KLP DATE YOURSELF journey for women who'd rather be wonder woman than cinderella

Get Sassy. Get Sexy. Get Strong.