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Kickass life project

Strong  Survival Guide

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Three facts you need to know... 

Organic Fitness allows you to reconnect with your body no matter what you've been through together.

Want More? 

What if you could explore fitness with curiosity about what your body can do instead of judgement about you look in yoga pants? 

What if you could look in the mirror and see parts of yourself that you love and appreciate? 

What if you could follow a 100% done for you workout routine that honours your body and still gets you results...

...even if you're scared to fail. too fricken busy, or just plain worn out.

A fitness empowerment system designed to flow with the natural rhythms of a woman's body

Take advantage of done for you workouts

Step 1

Save time and never again avoid your workout because you don't know what to do...there's tons of other ways you can avoid your workout lol

Get ready for feeling good in your own skin

Step 1

Not only will I give you the exact exercises and workouts, I will tailor them to work with a woman's cycle so you never feel like you're punishing your body again.

Stay on track in the kitchen as well as the gym

Step 1

Workouts aren't the only affected by your cycle. Support the changes in your metabolism throughout the month with nutrition designed for a kickass woman

Plus we'll dive into the nutrition portion so you can fuel your body effectively and feel satisfied

About Kate

your kickass guide

I'm a kickass life enabler, a candy eating personal trainer, a self-taught extrovert, and a woman in love with the little things that empower us to be our best. My bucket list gets bigger no matter how many things I tick off and I have a dream to one day say something so profound that it becomes a quote on pinterest. 

Get full access to EVERYTHING in the KLP Club 

When you sign up for Organic Fitness, you automatically get access to EVERYTHING in the KLP Club... and that's a lot of helpful shit. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; one thing at a time... 

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