My life...but better

A bird sitting in a tree does not fear the branch breaking because her trust is not in the tree, but in her own wings. 

Build trust in yourself and your life with the 365

Your personal achievement system...

habits ... passion ... focus ... success

How would 365 days of working on your goal change your life???

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Imagine knowing exactly how to ...

* identify your passion goals

*  focus on them in productive ways

*  stay on track for 365 days


your step by step plan starts here 

Less than 5% of the population set goals... but that small group are among the most successful people in the known universe.

YOU are going to become a legendary goal setter and fearless goal achiever. Yes, YOU.

The 365 is going to methodically,  indestractibly introduce you to the process secret of goal getting so you can create a lifelong habit spirit of being a goal driven person  kickass, loving' life woman.

If you do nothing else today, implement this system into your life and watch in amazement at your own transformation in the next 3, 6, 9, 12 months AND beyond!

  • Month 1 - Identifying Your Passions
  • Month 2 - Realistic Life Goals
  • Month 3 - Balanced Attack Plan
  • Month 4 - Staying Positive
  • Month 5 - Week by Week
  • Month 6 - Day by Day
  • Month 7 - Comfort Zone Stretching
  • Month 8 - Mental Games
  • Month 9 - Health and Fitness
  • Month 10 - Financial Success
  • Month 11 - Relationships
  • Month 12 - Making Life Fun

Month One

The first month is all about self discovery. So many people have lost touch with their true wants in life. Your wants tell you more about yourself than anything else. You now have permission to acknowledge what you WANT in life!

Month Two

The second month is about finding some real goals you can focus on. Month 1 was more of a fun exercise to get your imagination flowing. It is nice to imagine all of those goals coming true but many of them are simply unrealistic in terms of what you are capable of achieving today.

Month Three

The third month has been designed to get you in the habit of thinking about your goals every single day. Beyond that, this month will help you form the habit of writing your goals every day which is a much more powerful next step.

Month Four

In the fourth month of our program, you are going to work towards the achievement of 1 very specific goal. This can be one of your most important goals from your list of 30 in month 3 or it can be a new goal that you have decided to work towards for the purposes of this exercise.

Month Five

The fifth month is really about getting you into the mode of being a pure goal achiever. Many of the exercises in the months leading up to now have dealt with planning and idea generation... which is also very important. But you can only plan and think for so long. Now is time to become a serious action taker.

Month Six

The sixth month takes the idea of being an “goal achiever” to an even bigger level. Now, instead of focusing on a goal per week, you are going to work on one big goal per day... 5 days a week... for an entire month

Month Seven

In month seven, we mix it up a little bit. Up to this point, the goal setting and goal achieving exercises have been very structured and focused. In the seventh month, there is a lot more room for creativity and personal customization.

Month Eight

All highly successful people are great learners. They take time to read books, attend seminars, watch documentaries and so on. They immerse themselves in the topics that are of the utmost importance in their lives. As a result, they are able to make better decisions and tap into more creative ideas.

Month Nine

You cannot be a high achiever in life if you neglect your body and are unable to maintain a high level of healthy and vitality. Like all good goal achievers, you are going to take time this month to set goals for your health and fitness to make sure you reach the best levels of personal health as possible.

Month Ten

Similar to month nine, financial goals cannot be ignored or forgotten if you truly want to reach the levels of success that most of us aspire to reach. In month ten, you are going to spend some quality time focusing on your financial situation and looking for 4 major opportunities to create improvement.

Month Eleven

The objective for the month is to get you focussing on areas where you can improve your relationship development skills. Relationships are definitely “two-way” agreements but this month will allow you to make sure you are doing your very best to get the most out of your relationships in life.

Month Twelve

For the twelfth and final month of our program, we are going to lighten things up a little and spend some time focussing on fun and recreation. After all, if you don’t set goals to have fun in your life, you very well end up forgetting to do so!

We create all things twice. 

We create it first in our heads and then in reality. Without envisioning the life we want and planning to get there, life will happen by accident. And a life lived by accident will rarely produce what we want.

No one cares about you more than you so it is important that you determine how you want to live in each area of your life. That's why the 365 was give you the tools, to give you the inspiration, to give you  the plan to create your life they way you want it.

Option one

If you are already a KLP Club member...

You'll find the access code on the member home page of the KLP Club

Option two

If you're not a KLP Club member...

$10/mnth is the massive investment needed for your dream life. There are no refunds with this option but you can cancel anytime.

Let me ask you this .When you're absolutely, 100%, unquestionably honest with yourself—how are things panning out for you so far? Are you:

Hitting your fitness goals?

Living life on your terms?

Happy with your relationships? Satisfied with your eating habits? Pleased with how your body feels (+ loving getting older)?

Are you?

If life sucks or it's frustrating as hell never getting where you're headed ... if you're accepting a lesser version of happiness because it's just easier ... if you're still turning in circles or feel like you're treading air when it comes to achieving your goals...

You can still get your head screwed straight and focus.

You can still ditch your excuses and make shit happen.

You can still create the life that you wanted when you didn't know better.

You still CAN!

But you've got to hurry. This isn't me creating pressure.

This is TIME running away from YOU. You're getting older. Your body isn't as forgiving as you age. The longer you stay stuck, the harder it becomes to budge your brain. You want more and why shouldn't you have it? You CAN. But you've got to work for it ... and not reinventing the wheel will make it easier. Let me give you the tools you need to be a goal getter and plot your new story out step by step.

Option one

If you are already a KLP Club member...

You'll find the access code on the member home page of the KLP Club

Option two

If you're not a KLP Club member...

$10/mnth is the massive investment needed for your dream life. There are no refunds with this option but you can cancel anytime.