The whole world needs a hug

At this moment in history when the whole world is coming together, we have never been so physically far apart. And when have you ever wanted a hug more?! 

I'm a #flattenthecurve supporter, but omg this social distancing thing has some drawbacks (who invented that term, btw?)

So let's get creative , send some virtual hugs around the world, and plan for the day when we can hug it out in person.

Let's start a viral virtual hug epidemic!

How to send a virtual hug

Step Uno: Download your free, no opt-in FUK Coronavirus HUG booklet.

Step Deux: Think about someone you'd like to hug and choose which of the hugs from the booklet you'd give them if you could. (there's 8 or 9 totally fun, creative, and unique hugs)

Step 3: Send that person the FUK Coronavirus HUG booklet and tell them which hug you're virtually giving them. 

Step Quattro: Tell them to send a virtual hug to all their friends and loved ones. 

Step 五: Think of someone else you'd like to hug and repeat!

Click image to download

Step jav: PLEASE share your FUK Coronavirus virtual HUG stories with a comment on this blog or with a comment on this FB post#whenwehugagain #kickasslifeproject #awkwardlylonghug

I'm not so good on Twitter and Instagram but that works, too! Use the hashtags and I'll watch for you!